After arriving at The Relentless Energy Drink NASS Festival at lunchtime on Friday we headed up to the jumps, in some lovely sunshine to get the first rider practice session underway. Ray Samson (DMR Bikes), Freddy Pulman (Open Rider), Wig Lewington Booth (Open Rider), Ben Nolan (Open Rider), Matt Jones (Identiti Bikes) as well as Tom Reynolds (DMR Bikes)  started the session off and it wasn’t long before Freddy Pulman was nailing the Superman’s, Tuck No Hander’s and Can’s. 

The DWUK Team set up the Ezy-Ups and just as we did the sky’s turned dark as the start of 36 hours hard rain hit us. 

Within 2 hours there were streams running down either side of the jumps and the ground around them just turned to a boggy mush. The rain continued into the afternoon and turned the festival site into a complete washout.  

After a night of torrential rain we checked the waterlogged jumps out and held the meeting with the riders. All the rider’s put their concern’s forward and the decision was made to cancel the comp at NASS and hold an unofficial jam in the coming month’s where the rider’s can still claim the prizes, pro prize fund and series point’s. All the rider’s had got soaked the day before and some got wet through the night (due to leaking tent’s) so this seemed the best decision all round. After most of the rider’s had left the festival the Dirt Wars Team stayed around and the rain continued throughout the day and all through the night. Sunday morning brought sunshine to the festival but it was to late the damage had already been done. With the BMX dirt taking place before our allotted time (1 hour for the finals) the riders would have had no chance to practice (which would be totally unfair on the riders who had not ridden Friday) and we would have had to run Open and Pro finals in a 1 hour long window which was impossible with the amount of riders we had enter.
The British weather had the best of us again and ruined another round of the series, which is a real nightmare for us, as well as the British dirt jump scene as this was the second FMB event to be cancelled in the UK this year! As we have said before we will get through all 5 rounds of the series this year once the weather allows us. See you at Holdshott on the 5th of August