Dirt Wars 2011 Wisley Trails by Ryan Nangle.

Dirt Wars UK 2011 Final @ Wisley   Dirt Wars UK 2011 Final went of this past sunday at the legendary trail spot that is Wisley. We were a bit concearned early on the Sunday morning as there had been a lot of rainfall in the Surrey area in the 24hrs leading up to the comp. We arrived at Wisley ready to set up but had to hold fire to get the official verdict from the Wisley trail builders if we could run the comp or did we have to cancel due to the trails being so wet. After 5 mins of arriving at Wisley the trail Builders were out their cars and swinging spades left right and center to sort the trails out in time for the comp to start. We got the thumbs up, the comp was on.... With there only being 6 riders in the Open Class it wouldnt take long to go through the quallys so we got their practice underway ready to see which 3 would go through. Jack Scotford Smith was currently leading the series by 2 clear points but Freddy Pullman and Wig Lewington Booth were both hot on his heels. We got the Open quallys underway and Young Callum Gribble was up first to show us how it was done. Callum bust out the start and hit the first with a 1 footed x-up then flowed the next few jumps to pull a no footed can on the last big jump. New comer Freddy Kirk was out to impress with his tuck no handers and no footed cans as was Wig Booths younger brother with his 360's and tuck no hander tyre taps. The Series top 3 battled it out in quallys with Jack busting out the flips and tuck's, Freddy Pullman got the crowd going with his impressive 360's and clean Superman's whilst Wig managed to pull a run of 360 to X-up to 360 to tuck no hander and a massive tailwhip over the last. After qually were over the top 3 went through to the final. 1st Wig L Booth 2nd Freddy Pullman 3rd Jack S Smith ---------------------------------- 4th Sam L Booth 5th Freddy Kirk 6th Callum Gribble With Open quallys out the way the Pro Elite line up of Clinton Johns (Diamondback), Grant Fielder (Kona), Ryan Nangle (Cranked365), Marcel Hunt (Dartmoor), Toby Ware (Cranked365), Matt Jones (Identiti), Matt Cooper (Cranked365), Danny Pace (Identiti), Daryl Brown (Identiti), Ray Samson (Dmr), Rob Newman (Flow), Tom Reynolds (Dmr), Craig Potter (NS) and Jamie Taylor (RHUK) were all ready to get the show on the road and see who was going to the final. Jamie Taylor started the round off and flowed his way through the trails pulling x-ups and flipping the last, Daryl Brown was on form stretching his cans out to the max and pulling the smoothest 360's on the trails as was Tom Reynolds with his 3's and flips but it was Craig Potter who ended up stealing the 360 crown by pulling a 3x-up on the first 3 the second 3 the third then a tuck no hander and then tailwhip on the last making the spectators go nuts, Marcel Hunt seemed to go into slow mo with the biggest slowest tailwhip ive seen in years aswell as clean flips and tucks. Ray Samson was out to get himself on the podium and also the overall podium throwing down some real smooth runs consisting of tailwhips, 360's and flip variations whilst Danny Pace was out to keep Ray off the podium and from taking his 3rd place overall spot. Rob Newman showed you didnt have to pull all the new knarly tricks to be up there with the best as he crankflipped his way through the trails throwing in a 360 from time to time.Chopper was laying down his trademark indians and some nice toboggans. Identiti's Matt Jones was flipping the first jump which not many other tried whilst Toby Ware seemed to be having trouble to get a run together with only a 360's and tailwhips on his runs. At the end of qually only 7 were to go through but after getting the judges scores we had to put 9 through as the last 4 all came out with 18 points. 1st Clinton Johns (Diamondback) 2nd Ryan Nangle (Ram/Cranked365) 3rd Craig Potter (NS) 4th Ray Samson (Dmr) 5th Daryl Brown (Identiti) 6th Grant Fielder (Kona) 7th Marcel Hunt (Dartmoor) 8th Danny Pace (identiti) 9th Rob Newman (Flow) The Open Riders were next up and keen to get there positions sorted on who was taking the final as the overall had already been sewn up by Jack Scotford Smith. Wig was first out the block and was out to take the win with 360's flying left right and center but was unable to put a clean run in whilst Freddy Pullman went all Clarke Kent on us with his supermans, flips and a nice transfer clearly heading for the top spot. Jack S Smith dumped some huge 3's, sweet table's and no footed cans but it wasent enough to take 1st place. After 3 runs each it was clear who had taken the 1st place for the final round and Freddy Pullman was a happy Lad. 1st Freddy Pullman 2nd Jack Scotford Smith 3rd Freddy Pullman. As the Pro/Elite riders lined up at the top of the trails you could see the determination in all there eye's and you could tell it was about to go off. All the riders lined up and flowed in to the trails together in a train to get their adrenalin going then it was back to the top to get the final underway. Clinton Johns and Daryl Brown were both eager to get above each other on the score board as they were both keen on taking the overall title and Clinton came out first showing Daryl that he wasent going down easily pulling 3whips, barspins and 3tucks whilst Danny Pace showed he wasent giving up his third place overall spot that easily by front flipping so clean and high that Heathrow airport called and asked what flight number he was. hopper took to the air with his toboggan's and signiture indians and even poped in a massive ghost rider over the last, Rob Newman again came out with the old skool moves with nacs, crankflips and huge 3's whilst Ryan Nangle let his trick bag open with 3 full runs with the best consisting of a flip to trasnsfer to tailwhip to barspin then a flip suicide on the last. Ray Samson knew he had to beat Danny Pace by two places to get on the overall podium and put together 3 really good runs with flips, 3tables, tailwhips and flip tuck no handers but was it enough to take the podium from the welsh rider Danny Pace. Craig Potter had seemed on fire during the quallys but didnt seem to bring it to the final as he missed out a few tricks on his runs but still managed to pull out a run full of 3's a tuck no hander and a huge tailwhip whilst Marcel Hunt threw down some sweet 3tables, tailwhips and flips. Daryl Brown was online for the overall and his final runs werent looking like they were going to let him down, with no footed can transfers, super seat indians and massive 360's but was it enough to keep Clinton at bay. After 3 runs each with 2 counting the Cornish Tailwhipper Clinton Johns had a smile on his face. 1st Clinton Johns (Diamondback) 2nd Daryl Brown (Identiti) 3rd Ryan Nangle (Cranked365/Ram) 4th Ray Samson (DMR) 5th Danny Pace (Identiti) 6th Craig Potter (NS) 7th Marcel Hunt (Dartmoor) 8th Rob Newman (Flow) 9th Chopper    (Kona) With the final podium out the way it was on to the 2011 Dirtwars UK Overall Series Results. Open/Grassroots Overall 2011. 1st Jack Scotford Smith  taking himself a Haro Steel Reserve 1.3 courtesy of Moorelarge 2nd Freddy Pullman 3rd Wig Lewington Booth With the Pro/Elite cat we had a bit of a problem as both Clinton Jhons and Daryl Brown both ended the series on the same points in first place. We had to go back over the overall series results and with Daryl taking a 3rd a 1st and two 2nds and Clinton taking two 1st a 2nd and a 4th we awarded the 1st place result to Clinton Johns. 1st Clinton Johns  taking a years supply of Rockstar Energy Drink 2nd Daryl Brown 3rd Danny Pace   Thats all from Dirt Wars UK for this year and the last one for me. I'd like to thank all that have been involved with the series over the last 2 years, Ison, DMR, Moorelarge, SAS Imports,Fox Europe, Riding High UK, Rockstar, Madison,Ram Bikes, Smuggling Dudds.com, Dynamic Style,Redbull and Mojo , Mike @ Porc and the porc build crew, Steve Dowie and the Chicksands crew, Tom @ Motion and the Motion lads, Digs Gareth and the Wisley trail crew, the Southwest extreme crew, the Hayle Super Boul crew, Neil and the Redhill Crew, All the Film Makers and Photographers, The websites that have advertised the series etc, The Judges Nicky Maddocks, Andy Thomas, Rob Newman, Dylan Stares, Brett Cooke, Ray Samson, Danny Pace, Jack S Smith, My Crew Brett Cooke, Andy Thomas, Sean "General" Mallett and little Jack, all the spectators and anyone else that has had anything to do with the series along the way. Thanks again Cliff Barbeary P.s Dirt Wars UK may be back next year under new ownership and organisation so keep your eye on the official Dirt wars UK Facebook page to keep up to date with possible future developments on next years series