Dirt Wars Round 3 Chicksands

Dirt Wars Round 3 Chicksands   Dirt Wars 2011 Round 3 went off at Chicksands Bike Park on the 3rd of July and yet again the weather was out to support us. Chicksands has been part of the UK Dirt Jump scene since day dot and is always a real popular venue for the dirt jumpers due to the super soft sandy soil allowing the guy's to throw down their big banger tricks with out to much risk of injury. As always with DWUK we started the day off with the Open/Grassroots riders qualifications giving the underdogs the chance to show they have what it takes to mix it with the pro riders. The line up at chicksands was looking good with a handfull of usual faces and a handfull of new riders to the series it was set to go off. Unfortunatly during practice we lost Greg Strange and Joe Wells both to injury which was a total bummer to the guy's as they were both ranking in the top 5 of Open/Grassroots. First up was Wig Lewington Booth and he was out to get more points on the scoreboard after not making quallys at motion. Wig let loose with some huge flips and tuck no handers to get the day started. First place overall Jack Scotford Smith came out blazing with his no footed cans, 360s and new comer Brett Wheeler was hot on his heels with some awesome 360s and tailwhips. Sam Hunniset made the crowd chuckle with his shakers to 360s and young Dylan Grell' Delsol stunned the crowd by pulling some sweet no footed cans and tuck no handers. Judge photo from Szymon Nieborak@ www.delayedpleasure.com After 5 runs the 12 riders were cut down to 6 with Dan Bateson, Wig Lewington Booth, Brett Wheeler, Callum Gribble and Freddy Pullman going through to the final. Next up the Pro/Elite riders took their place at the top of the sandy hill and got ready to throw down their wares. With a line up of Clinton Johns (DiamondBack) Matt Cooper Ryan Nangle and Toby Ware (All Cranked365/Ram Bikes), Daryl Brown Danny Pace and Matt Jones (All Identiti), Alfie Stevens (Dartmoor UK), Jamie Taylor (Riding high UK), Adam Williams (NS Bikes), Jack Gear (Ezo), Charlie Watts (Rose Bikes), Dave Pearce Martin (Nookie Bikes), Ray Samson (DMR), Peran Clemence (Kona), Rob Newman (Flow Bikes) and James Ioanou (DMR) we knew we were about to see some big tricks. Danny Pace pulled the biggest superseat grab out from nowhere whilst his fellow welsh man Adam Williams was flipping and whipping everything in sight. Jack gear went old school and threw a nothing out the bag whilst Charlie Watts came back at it with some smooth flips and tail whips. Matt jones rode amazingly well getting the barrel rolls and 3whips whilst Matt Cooper threw down his smooth style with tailwhips, no footed cans and dumped 360's. Young alfie Stevens was out to impress his sponsors who were watching him by riding real smooth and banging out clicked supermans and no footed cans and Ray Samson was also super smooth with his tailwhips and dumped 360's. Daryl Brown seemed to have a rocket up his bum as he was pulling his tricks so high in the air it was stupid. Peran Clemence also took to the sky with the biggest fronty bail that ive ever seen, fortunatly he landed well and rolled out of it to get up and walk away. Matt jones on the other hand took a nasty bail and injured his shoulder causing him to have to sit out of the comp. After 5 runs each the 17 riders cut down to 8 with Clinton Johns, Ray samson, Jack Gear, Adam Williams, Rob Newman, Daryl Brown, Danny Pace and Ryan Nangle (Ryan went through in Matt Jones place as Matt was unable to ride) going through to the final.   After refuling on the iced Rockstar energy drink the Open/Grassroots riders lined up at the top of the jumps ready to set there place on the leader board. Freddy Pullman again dedicated his runs to Crankflip master Rob Newman by pulling crankflips 360's and super clean flips whilst Jack Scotford Smith set the wheels in motion with Truckdrivers and double barspins aswell as a 3bars. Wig banged out the dumped 3's and tucks aswell as tailwhips and Brett Wheeler showed Jack wasent the only one who could barspin and threw them down smooth followed by huge tailwhips. Callum Gribble spent more time upside down on his runs than most flipping his way through the final aswell as pulling a sweet barrel out the bag and poor Dan Bateson after knocking a tooth out a few weeks before whilst attempting a front flip had another flip disaster this time nocking the wind out of him instead of a tooth. 3 runs with 2 counting later we had the judges decision and the results were called.   Open/Grassroots Final Results. 1st Jack Scotford Smith 2nd Freddy Pullman 3rd Wig Lewington Booth 4th Brett Wheeler 5th Callum Gribble 6th Dan Bateson Last up was the Pro/Elite Final and the guy's are were all ready to get it over and done with to see who walked away with the cash. Ray Samson was going massive with his super flips and dumped 360's and 3whips whilst tailwhip champion Clinton Johns set his run's with his tailwhip, 3whip, flipwhip combo's. Daryl Brown was out to stay on top of the board with super high supermans, dumped 360's and tuck no handers whilst Danny Pace was out to show Daryl wasent the only one with altitude as the welsh man frontflipped his way between the tree's. Rob Newman got the crowd roaring when he amazed everyone with his 360, crankflip, 360 doublecrankflip run as did Ryan Nangle with the Barangle Roll (barspin Barrell Roll). Jack Gear let the tailwhips and flips lose and Adam Williams tried to grab the tripple whip but was unable to get the bike back under control for the landing. All the riders were pulling out their big banger tricks and after 3 runs the judges had to really bang their heads together to get the third place result.   1st Clinton Johns (DiamondBack) 2nd Daryl Brown (Identiti) 3rd Danny Pace (Identiti) 4th Ray Samson (DMR) 5th Ryan Nangle (Cranked365/Ram Bikes) 6th Adam Williams (NS Bikes) 7th Rob Newman (Flow Bikes) 8th Jack Gear (Ezo)   Young Alfie Stevens (Dartmoor) took Best improved rider and Dave Peirce Martin (Nookie Bikes) took best crash after hitting the same tree about 8 times. Thanks to our Judges Nikky Maddocks, Brett Cooke, Danny Pace, Ray Samson and Jack Scotford Smith And our MC Dylan Stone... Thanks to our Series sponsors and Chicksands Bike Park and a Huge Thanks to all that attended.   Photo's By Declan LePage and Szymon Nieborak   Full Edit coming soon from Jamie Ledson... Round 4 will be at Wisley on the 21st August 2011 instead of Redhill  Full Details will be up with directions very soon