DMR Dirt Wars 2020 "Year of the Rona" Series Winners and Points

OK so 2020 has been a real bad ass year what with the dreaded Rona and the shocking weather towards the end it's been a struggle to say the least but we have done our best and got through a huge amount of the series when all the UK Race Series seemed to pull out and fold for the year.

We didnt manage to run the series final as we were beaten by the torrential rain in Mid December but we did manage to build the biggest Slopestyle Course in the UK and the second biggest in Europe with the help of Worx, DMR Bikes and Redhill Extreme.  We now get to use the course for future years so we know it will be a massive part of the Dirt Wars Series for 2021.

We will be looking ahead to 2021 with Open arms as we are set to not only hit the Slopestyle Course again we should also get the GT Malverns Classic Festival in the bag with a fresh built course as well as a few rounds at our favorite jump spots around the UK.


OK so back to 2020 and the Final Results to see who walks away with what position for this years series...



AM/Novice Riders....

After a huge battle between the top two through out the year its been super tense going in to the final with it all to play for, With the weather stopping the final we have had to go off the results from the series so far.

Some riders have the same points in the series so we had to go back through the judge sheets from each round looking at who had the most points in runs and if they had got all 3 runs in without crashing etc.




1st        Fin Evans          380    Points

2nd       Josh Turner       330

3rd        Larn Baldwin                  160

4th        Harry Bolton                   128

5th        Liam Brown                    110

6th        Ali Huck                          100

7th        Dan Vickery                    90

8th        James Forbes                85

9th        Dan Capes                     80

10th      Adam Pathfield              79

11th      Sam Berry                      71

12th      Kerry Pert                      70

13th      Dudley Laing                 60

14th      Nial Greenstreet            50

15th      Will Hearn                     50

16th      Jake Warfield                50

17th      Jack Dera                     47

18th      Harry Gascoyne           40

19th      Ryan Beard                  40

20th      Dan Wagstaff               30

21st      Logan Joao                  30

22nd     Callum Sherwood        20

23rd      Joe Carey                    20

24th       Aidan McMillan           19

25th       Harry Scofield             18

26th       Lewis Evans               16

27th       Andy Lehman             14

28th       Anthony Brooks          12

29th      Caleb Holford               9


Massive well done to all the AM/Novice Class you all smashed it this year guy's and we look forward to seeing you all in 2021.

We will be catching up with the Top 3 very soon to award them with their series medals and Fin Evans with his new 2021 DMR Rythm Dirt Jump frame.....

Over to the Pro/Elite Class 

Again some of the riders ended the series on the same points so we had to go back through the score sheets and find out who had taken what position 


1st   Sam Hodgson         DMR Bikes/Dynamic Style               220     Points

2nd  Zac Rainbow           NS Bikes/Kali                                   210

3rd  Cam Crozier             Radio Bikes/Praiseworthy               180

4th  Tom Isted                 Fox Europe/Etnies                           180

5th  Harry Campbell         Rose Bikes/Dirt Wars                     150

6th  Fin Davies                Commencial/Halo                            118

7th  Robert Beard            Oxford/Kali                                      100

8th  Ryan Nangle            Privateer                                           90

9th  Tom Reynolds          Swinley Bike Hub/Salice                   90

10th  Freddy Pulman       Canyon/Spitfire Speed Shop           80

11th  Matt Clague             Privateer                                         80

12th  Joe Aldridge            Chromag/Letsavew                         79

13th  Danny Stewart         Kona UK                                         50

14th  Joe Simkins              Privateer                                        20

15th  Ali Dunn                   Privateer                                         19


Massive well done to all the riders esp Sam Hodgson taking his first series overall win......

You guys really are pushing the limits of the sport to the max and we cant wait to see what next year brings.......

With 2020 out the way its time to get on with the planning for 2021... Photo's soon from the medal giving and session for the winners..... We would like to say a massive Thank You to our Sponsors Especially Worx and DMR Bikes for helping make the 2020 series so awesome under the terrible circumstances and a massive thank you to our venues Riders and all who supported DWUK throughout 2020. Mega Massive thanks and Well Done to my Dirt Wars Crew we've smashed it again boys.....
DMR Dirt Wars UK 2020 OVER AND OUT......