DMR Dirt Wars FMB Bronze National Series Round 6 THE FINAL Shute Woods


With our series final all set for the Cycle Show on the 25th of September you could imagine our panic on the 1st of September when we got the call to say that dirt jumping was not going to be happening at this years show. Without a venue for the final some serious planning and action was needed straight away. After a call to Freddy Pulman (Canyon/EX) a new venue was found. The only problem we had was there was no course at the venue, That doesnt phase or stop us though as after 9 weekends work a new course was built by Freddy, Dirt Wars Owner Cliff Barbeary and a bit of help from a handfull of guys ready for the final that had been postponed until the 29th of October.

Due to the amount of bad weather we had whilst building the course it was pretty clear the ground would still be soft for the finals. Come the 29th of October the riders arrived and Round 6 was underway.


Due to the size of the course we decided to run a Pro only comp but allowing the Open riders who wanted to ride to get out there and hit the course.

With 10 of the UK’s top riders lined up it was time to get the course open so that practice could begin.


During the practice session Robert Beard took a stack coming up short on the drop which bucked him over the bars, Robert suffered a broken collar bone but will be back next year for more Dirt Jump action (Healing vibes Dude) and Dan Northern took a stack off the 1st jump injuring his nee which also left him unable to compete in the comp.


With Robert and Dan unable to ride Zac Rainbow was the only open rider to compete in the Pro final and boy was he out to show he could keep up with the big boys.


Practice went off well with the guy’s throwing down 360’s Flips, Tuck no-Handers, decades and tailwhips as the guy’s took their time to get used to the course, The only complaint from the riders was how soft the course was but they still got on with it anyway.


After a few hours of practice the riders lined up at the drop ready for their seeding runs to see where they would start in the final. The guy’s still went all out with Alex Cahill throwing flipwhips on the first and Freddy pulling out his Flip tuck’s to barspins. Sam Hodgson put down tobaggons off the Canon and Alfie Stevens was throwing tailwhips on the last alongside Matt jones 360 tucks.

With both seeding runs out the way the guys were given a short break so the trails could be sorted before their practice for the finals. After a short break we got the riders back on course for their final practice before giving it their all in the final. First up for their final run was Sam hodgson and he nailed it up until going for a fronty on the last to which he kept crashing out. After a year off the comp scene Alfie Stevens was still showing he’s got it with the most stylish Seat Grab Nac’s in the world ever bar none. Unfortunatly Alfie took a stack on his second run in the final after going for a huge double tailwhip on the last so was unable to take his 3rd run in the finals. Zac Rainbow put down a run that showed he could easily compete with the big boys throwing a Backflip Tuck over the first and a huge fronty on the last.
Harry Campbell has come from winning last years Open Series to being top 3 of the 2017 Pro Series and he was hungry for a podium at round 6 to put him into second overall, pulling 1 footed x-up backflips to cancan on the first jump the sketchiest x-up no footer on the Canon then huge front flip on the last. Unfortunatly that wasent enough to knock Alex Cahills flipwhips and decades or Tom Isted’s Superflips and huge tucks.
Tom Reynolds should have been wearing a space suit as the amplitude on his flip tucks and 360 1 footed tables were insane and gave him top amplitude points on the judge sheets putting him in 3rd place for the day.
Second place was taken by Course builder and all round nice guy Freddy Pullman with an awesome run of FlipBarspin to Tuck No Hander on the first, Truckdriver off the Canon and a huge fronty tuck on the last.
First place was taken by Matt Jones after throwing down a Superflip on the first, Backflip off the Canon and a huge 720 on the last. It was great to see this level of riding on a course that was designed and built in no time at all and was still soft.

So Matt Jones won the day but there was still the Overall Series scores to total up and see who came where.


Pro Overall Top 3


1st Tom Isted

2nd Tom Reynolds

3rd Harry Campbell

Open Overall


1st Zac Rainbow

2nd Jack Cardy

3rd Josh Venamore


Well done to everyone who competed in this years series, We have had a blast and also proved that there is not much that can stop us from pulling off awesome events over and over again.

Massive thank you to all who helped out with the course build for the final (Freddy Pullman, Tom Isted, Zac Rainbow, Kev+Liam, Ian Black, Harry Campbell, Fin, Brett Cooke and Rachael and her Mum for bringing us coffee).


Massive thanks to all the Riders and Dirtwars Crew for making our 8th year so awesome.


Mega massive thanks to all our Sponsors and Venue owners as without you guys none of this would happen.


We will see you all in 2019 for our 9th year of Dirt Jump Madness #Dirtsnotdead


Cliff and the Dirt Wars Team