After being let down on our original venue for round 4 Dirt Wars UK Rocked up to Chicksands Bike Park on the 16th of August for another round of Dirt Jump Madness.

We have used Chicksands in the early days of Dirt Wars but it seemed to go off the map a bit in previous years due to the old Dirt Jump Crew hanging up their bikes and no longer digging or maintaining the jumps. That all changed at thye beginning of this year when Ali Dunn and his little crew started rebuilding the old comp line and shredding it over the weekends.

Anyway the turnout was good the vibe was right and we had an amazing day at the legendary Bike Park..

We started off with the open riders qualifications and with 13 riders lined up it was all set for some dirt action to go down.

Along with our usual bunch we also had a few forign riders in the mix who had travelled from Germany and Switzerland to compete in the series.

The open riders were throwing it down with awesome 360’s from Jack Ambler and Will Brock , Dom Wolfenberger hit out with BackFlip Bars spins and Harry Campbell was swinging his feet all over the shop with his No Footed Cans fully stretched.

The 13 riders battled it out with the top 8 going through to the Final.

1st Dom Wolfensberger

2nd  Jack Ambler

3rd Darren Estall

4th Harry Campbell

5th Will Brock

6th Ben Nolan

7th Ali Dunn

8th Camron Crozier

Next up were the Pro riders and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Some of the guys were finding the landings a little bit to thin as Freddy Pullman proved after throwing a 3 he actually landed on the flat ground (to pedals) at the side of the last jump. Alfie Stephens was showing his style as he flowed through the jumps with perfection and smoothness and Tom Reynolds Amplitude was off the hook. Scotland’s Danny Stewart was all no hands and feet with his no hander’s to nothings and Alixei Domme from Germany was out to show the Brits what he had in his trick bag, unleashing huge 3’s and Trucks.
After the Pro riders had had their 3 runs each with top run counting the 8 finalists were. 1st Daryl Brown 2nd Daniel Stewart 3rd Matt Scott 4th Ryan Nangle 5th Alexei Domme 6th Alfie Stephens 7th Tom Reynolds 8th Freddy Pullman.
After a short break for lunch and time for the riders to chill it was time for the Open Final. The 8 finalists were ready to go and fight for the top 5 podium spots and the way these guys were riding some of them could quite easily compete in the Pro Class. Dom wolfensberg was popping sweet toboggans, Will Brocks 360 tables were to perfection and Local boy Ali Dunn was just showing that he had pure steeze getting fully sideways Trails Style.
Darren Estall showed he was out for the win with a perfect run, super clean no cranks and perfect execution whilst his buddy Cam Crozier ended up a bit sketchy with a few cranks and a foot down on landing Once the riders had their runs the scores were tallied and the results were as follows. 1st Darren Estall X-Up, Tuck, Tuck to Barspin, 3 Unturndown 2nd Cameron Crozier Tuck No Hands, Flip, Truck, 3whip 3rd Harry Campbell 1 footed X, Flip, No footed Can Can, Truck 4th Dom Wolfensberger Straight air, flip, toboggan, Back Flip Barspin 5th Ben Nolan X-Up, Tuck to X-Up, Shoebox to Nofooted Can, Truck
With the Open class out the way the 8 Pro riders got ready for their showdown and in the practice just before their runs you could see all the riders working their runs out and getting ready to execute them to perfection. Daryl Brown, Alfie Stephens and Matt Scott chose to 360 the little set up jump whilst Freddy Pullman and Ryan Nangle both took the tailwhip approach. Tom Reynolds again showed he wasn’t to be beaten on his Amplitude score by boosting Backflip Tables almost in the tree canopy. Alexie Domme from Germany was providing the crowd with 360 1 handed x-ups and Matt Scotts No Footed tables were off the Hook.

All the riders had 3 runs with their top run counting for their overall score.

1st Daryl Brown                            360, Flip tuck,  Tripple Truck, Downside Tailwhip

2nd Daniel Stewart                       No Footed Can, Superman to No Footed Can, Tuck                                                                                                                                   to Nothing, Oppo No Footed Can to Disco Can.

3rd Freddy Pullman                     Tailwhip, Backflip Barspin,  360, 3Whip

4th Ryan Nangle                            Tailwhip, 3 X-Up, Tailwhip, Downside Tailwhip

5th Tom Reynolds                         Table, Flip, Tailwhip, Flip Tuck  (Super clean Run)

6th Alexei Domme                        X-Up, 360, Tailwhip, 360 1 handed X-Up

7th Alfie Stephens                        360, Tuck, 3Whip, Tail Whip

8th Matt Scott                                360, Flip, Truck, No Footed Table.

A massive Thank you to all the Riders, Dirt Wars Crew, Chicksands Crew (Esp Ali Dunn), Thank you to All our Sponsors.

Photo’s Chris Greenwood, Filming by Ryan Nangle, Andrew Alexander and Cliff Barbeary, Edited By Ryan Nangle.