DMR Dirt Wars FMB Bronze Series Round 2 Report and Video Edit.

Penshurst Off Road Club in the Kent Countryside was the setting for DMR Dirt Wars FMB Bronze Series on the 21st of June. The sun was out and the riders were throwing it down big time from the word go. Despite the wind picking up the guy’s really didn’t fail to perform and show the judges that they were in for an action packed day.

First up were the Open Class riders for Qualies with 23 riders being cut down to 10 it was all to play for.

 Tristan Bushnell was firing off tail whips whilst Ben Nolan was determined to pull a flip on the last, unfortunately he didn’t succeed. Will Brock was looking super smooth riding 24” Wheels and pulling sweet pendulums.

Unfortunatly young Marcus Gilhooley took a bit of a crash on one of his runs and ended up dislocating his wrist and fracturing the bone (Healing vibes Dude).

After the 23 riders had had 3 runs each with their top run giving them their placing’s  we cut them down to 10 with Kerry Pert, Jack Ambler, Tristan Bushnell, Will Brock, Alex Greenwood, Darren Estall, Cameron Crozier, Marcel Hunt, Jack Cardy and Harry Campbell going through to the final.

Next up the pro riders lined up to drop in for qualifying, the line up wasn’t as strong as usual with quite a few riders being away with different commitments. 10 riders being cut down to 6 for the final they all had their game faces on ready to unleash their trick bags.
Ray Samson impressed the judges with his super seats and clean 3 ‘s and so did Ryan Nangle with his 7’s. Daryl Browns no stranger to P.O.R.C and showed the other riders how to pull tricks from 5ft higher than the rest. The Riders had their 3 runs and top 6 going through went like this.
1st Ray Samson 2nd Daryl Brown 3rd Freddy Pullman 4th Tom Reynolds 5th Alfie Stephens 6th Ryan Nangle
After a short lunch break and time for the riders to chill we went straight in to Open Final. Will Brock was unable to ride due to pulling a muscle in the quallies so 11th place Ben Nolan took Will’s spot in the final. Harry Campbell was unable to get a clean run which is really unusual for Harry as he’s normally on a podium spot but it wasn’t only him as Kerry Pert and Alex GreenWood also failed to put a run together.
Ben Nolan on the other hand finally got a clean flip on the last as well as pulling a 3 on the mid set which he was stoked about. Tristan was going for a triple whip on the last but after being blown out by the wind on the middle jump he settled for a single tailwhip on the last. The top 5 runs went as follows 1st Place Marcel Hunt Tuck no hander, flatspin to flip bars 2nd Cameron Crozier Flip, Truck, flip Bars 3rd Jack Ambler Flip, Nothing Can, flip bar to x-up 4th Darren Estall Flip X-up, Tuck to x-up, Truck 5th Jack Cardy tuck, 3table, cork flip

With the Open riders done and dusted it was on to the pro final where the top 6 would battle it out for 1st place.

After 3 runs each of tail whips, Flip Whips, 7s and a whole bunch of other Ariel acrobatics the 6 were placed into position and the 6 top runs went as follows.

1st Freddy Pullman  Truck, Flip bar to tuck, Frontflip

2nd Daryl Brown Double truck to x-up, 3 tuck, one handed super seat

3rdRyan Nangle  Flipwhip, tailwhip, 720

4th Ray Samson tailwhip, flipwhip, super flip

5th Alfie Stephens Double tailwhip, tuck no, 3 whip

6th Tom Reynolds One foot table, tailwhip, tuck no hander

Well done to all who rode.

Other mental moments from the day were Tom Reynolds Frontie on the first to tailwhip on the second but then had to ditch at the third, Jack Amblers nothing to bars, Ben Nolans turbo flips and Daryl Browns Amplitude.

Massive thank you to all our Riders, Sponsors, Crew and Spectators for such an awesome day


Next round is at The NASS Festival on the 10th July, See you there.