DMR Dirt Wars FMB Bronze Series Round 6 The Final @ The NEC

2015 has been an awesome year for DMR Dirt Wars UK as not only have we avoided most of the nasty British weather but we also held Round 3 @ The NASS Festival, Had 2 awesome rounds at the best spot in the UK (HoldShott), an off the hook round @ P.O.R.C and we brought Chicksands back on to the Dirt Jump comp scene by holding Round 4 there. We also became the UK FMB Bronze National Freestyle Series which we are still buzzing about.. After 5 rounds of Dirt jump madness it was time to journey to the NEC in Birmingham For the series final and it was all to play for. The course was set up as a huge roll in with an Mx style kicker to dirt landing for the first then another kicker to landing with a quarterpipe after with dirt landings either side.

MonsterEnergy/ Polygon Rider Sam Reynolds did an amazing job of re-jigging the course build along with DMR’s Olly Wilkins and Dirt Wars UK owner Cliff Barbeary.  The guys were not quite happy with the course build so decided to do what they had to to make it the best as possible ready for the weekends events. After a day of re-working a few things the course was all ready for action (although still a little soft).

On the Friday all the riders took to the course for practice and a few of the the Dirt wars riders got to ride with some of the big euro riders who were over for the Sam Pilgrim Invitational on the Sunday.

Saturday arrived and the Dirt wars UK Riders we’re all ready to ride and see who would win the final round and take the overall series win. As we had time slots to stick to we decided to run on a slightly different format to the normal 3 run qualies and 3 run finals with each rider getting 3 runs then the top 5 from the 3 runs went through to a super final of one run to see if they could better their scores.  We started off as always with the Open Class riders and a few were looking a tad nervous. 

Harry Campbell was set to shut the comp down with his huge front flips over the first but when pulling them he couldn’t quite set him self up for the second jump until his last run. After last years huge crash off the top of the 30ft scaffold drop Darren Estall got through practice and to the main event where he showed even though he’s the oldest rider in the Open Class he still has what it takes to shut down the young guns. His tuck to bars have now become executed on point and his 3-xups are so smooth.
Jack Ambler is like a young Danny Pace and built like a machine, this kid has been smashing away at the open scene for the last 2 years (2nd overall last year) and he was out this weekend to win the day and the overall series, Huge Tucks, 3 bars and superman’s all day long. Cameron Crozier was slamming out tailwhips and perfect 3’s whilst young Jack Cardy over-rotated a huge huge 3 and ended up KO’d on the floor, He was soon up and dusting himself off even thought still feeling slightly dazed.
Warren Towler has stepped his game up this year and his stylish T-Bogs have become his trademark trick, He has become a real stylish rider and his superman’s show it, although not quite as stylish as Chicksands local Ali Dunn. Alis Tables are were fully clicked and his 3’s just flow so well. Although not being able to trick the quarter and having to go for straight 180s at the end of the course Kerry Pert still managed to bag a top spot for the super final by pulling a flip 1 footed can on the first then tailwhip on the second which he seemed real chuffed with. Ben Nolan has had an awesome season just chilling back and enjoying the ride rather than putting himself under pressure as he has in previous years. His relaxed style now shows and he unleashed his trick bag at the cycle show with nice 3’s and barspins all over the place.
After all the riders had had their 3 runs the top 5 went through to the super final. Jack Ambler Harry Campbell Cameron Crozier Darren Estall Kerry Pert Next up was the pro riders and this really was all to play for, With Ryan Nangle out to injury it was all about Freddy Pullman and Daryl Brown. the cycle show with nice 3’s and barspins all over the place. The scores leading up to this round had Freddy in overall first with Nangle second (35 points behind Freddy) and Daryl Brown in third (45 points behind freddy), this ment Daryl would need to beat Freddy by 2 positions in the top 3 to win the overall series.
Team Cornwall were first up and although struggling to get through the jumps in practice Dan Selkirk managed to get a good run together with a huge flip on the first follwed by his team mate Callum Hosie (the case master) who busted out a few good runs with a huge tuck on the first and fronty on the second it was just a shame he couldn’t pull anything on the quarter after landing real heavy off the fronty. The Scottish octopus Dan Stewart was flailing his arms and legs everywhere with his no-foot cans to nothings whilst Joe Simkins was slamming out the flips and 3’s. Matt Scott was hitting out with Trucks, Supermans and Dumped 3’s but took a bit of a tumble on his 720 attempt and was unable to make the super final.

Ray Samson was back after missing a few rounds this year and in true ray style smashed out an amazing run with a flip whip on the first, We also had Rays big brother Blake Samson riding but due to injury Blake was unable to put a decent run together but fair play to the man as he was still hitting flipwhip attempts with kidney damage.

Tom Reynolds upped his trick bag by pulling his first Super whip in comp and Alfie Stephens pulling double whips on the first was off the Hook.

It was all about Freddy and Daryl tough as this determined where the overall series scores would go.

Daryl came out fighting big time and his 3 triple bar run gave him the highest score dirt wars has seen so far, Freddy unfortunately Freddy never got both hands off the bars with his flip bars to tuck on the first so it was all going to be down to the super final to decide who was taking the overall series win.

Riders through to the super final were..


Jack Ambler, Cameron Crozier, Harry Campbell, Darren Estall, Kerry Pert


Daryl Brown, Alfie Stephens, Ray Samson, Freddy Pullman, Tom Reynolds

The Super final went ahead and Freddy Pullman was set to take the overall win win with his last run but didn’t manage to hold on to the bike on the second jump and Freddy’s hopes of overall title were crushed as Daryl brown took the Round 6 win and overall title.

None of the riders managed to better their scores in the super final so it was on to the podiums.

Round 6 Winners

Open Class

1st Jack Ambler

2nd Cameron Crozier

3rd Harry Campbell

4th Kerry Pert

5th Darren Estall

Pro Class

1st Daryl (Sharky B) Brown

2nd Alfie Stephens

3rd Ray Samson

4th Freddy Pullman

5th Tom Reynolds

With Round 6 out the way it was time to tally up the overall scores and see who would take the title in both classes.


Open Overall Top 3

1st Jack Ambler

2nd Cameron Crozier

3rd Harry Campbell


Pro Top 5 overall

1st Daryl Brown

2nd Freddy Pullman

3rd Alfie Stephens


A Massive thanks to UpperStreet Events, Chris Holman, Sam Pilgrim and The Crew@ Monster Energy UK for letting us hold our final at the Cycle show. A Massive thanks to Sam Reynolds and Olly Wilkins for getting the course ready and to all the riders, spectators and the DMR Dirt Wars Crew for making the day so awesome….


That’s the 2015 Series done and dusted so it’s time to get planning the 2016 series and make it bigger and better than ever…..

Dirt Wars UK Would like to thank DMR Bikes for being the 2015 Title Sponsor, All other Sponsors, All Venue Owners, All @ The FMB, All the Dirt Wars Crew (You know who you are), Our Media Crew of Ryan Nangle, Chris Greenwood @cagreenwood, Andrew Alexander, Cliff Barbeary and Tyler White, All the Riders, The Spectators, All @ Pinkbike and anyone else that has helped us out over the year..