DMR Dirt Wars FMB National Series Round 5 The Final

2016 has been a crazy busy year for The DMR DirtWars FMB National Series due to the NASS round having to be re-schedualed because of super high winds and then the bad news about the Cycle Show loosing the main Dirt sponsor so we had to find a new venue fast to hold the final. We pulled it all off in typical DWUK fashion and managed to get every round done despite the hold backs.


On the 25th of September the DMR Dirt Wars crew took over the dirt jumps at the legendary P.O.R.C spot in Kent.

With quite a few of the Pro Class riders injured, doing shows or being abroad we decided to have the top 5 pros in the series battle it out for the title along with a host of Open Class riders to see who would also take 2nd and 3rd place in the Open Class (Harry Campbell had already won the overall open series by the end of round 4).

P.O.R.C has a large quarry with loads of different jump lines from small flowy stuff to the huge pro line. We decided that the Open Class would be held on the old comp line whilst the pro riders took to the huge pro line.

With a tailwind blowing pretty hard all the riders took to the course for joint practice and you could see the wind was affecting the runs of some of the riders as they were getting boosted a good 10ft higher than usual.


As the joint practice finished the Open Class riders all took to the roll in to get their 3 qually runs out the way.

Harry Campbell didn’t even need to ride as he had already won the open title but the kid is like a machine and wanted glory till the end. Pulling flips in all directions harry spent most of his run upside down which gave him the confidence to try something off the scale for an open rider in the final. The Essex crew were out in full force with Cam Crozier spinning bars and whips, Darren Estall threw out the 3 tables and the suicide squad of Callum Sherwood and Jack Cardy battled it out with there uber stretched Suicides. We had 2 new riders in the final with 13yr old Charlie Page and the loon that is Henry Turner. Charlie is new to the trick scene and came out swinging with his one handed suicides and toboggans and Henry was throwing down barspins and 360’s all over the place (not bad for a guy who rides park and street and not dirt) With all the riders having their 3 runs the top 6 through to the final was as follows. 1st Cam Crozier 2nd Callum Sherwood 3rd Harry Campbell 4th Ben Nolan 5th Henry Turner 6th Jack Cardy
With only 5 pro’s battling it out for the overall podium spots on the day and overall series is was set to get competitive and we knew the final would bring some big banger tricks and not just over the last jump but through out the whole course. The Pro Riders took it easy in their seeding runs with Jack Ambler opening up the truck drivers, Freddy Pullman chucking out the huge fronty tucks and Nangle spinning in any direction possible.
We gave the pro’s 3 runs each to get their runs dialled for the final and that’s exactly what they did although Alex Cahill came up short on one of his runs and blew the head tube on his bike sending him into the finals on a borrowed bike. The seeding for the finals went as follows. 1st Tom Reynolds (Specialized UK/Olfi) 2nd Ryan Nangle (Rose Bikes/Marzocchi) 3rd Freddy Pullman (Canyon/Marzocchi) 4th Jack Ambler (No Sponsors) 5th Alex Cahill (Banshee UK/HT)
The Open final was on and the level of riding was well worthy of pro class let alone open. Callum Sherwood showed that his decades were 100% dialled in as were Cam Croziers flip bars. The star of the show was totally stolen by Harry Campbell droping in on the Huge Pro Line to send a monster Double backflip attempt on the last. Unlucky for Harry he ended up with a face full of chippings but just got up and walked away without even brushing himself off.
Once the guy’s had all had 3 runs the podium top 3 were as follows. 1st Cam Crozier Tuck No Hander, Backflip Barspin, 360 Tailwhip 2nd Harry Campbell Backflip X-up, Backflip 1ft Can, Frontflip 3rd Callum Sherwood Suicide No Hands, 360, Decade

With the Open Class out the way it was over to the top 5 Pro riders to battle it out. The wind had really picked up and there was a bit of concearn as to wether or not the guy’s would get there run’s in before it became to dangerous in the strong wind.  Freddy wasent to be held back by the wind and his awesome 720 proved he could deal with the weather.

Seeing this the other riders all threw down their top tricks and after 3 runs the top 3 went as follows.

1st Freddy Pullman Double Tailwhip, Backflip Barspin, Frontflip Tuck No Hands

2nd Jack Ambler Backflip X-up, Backflip, 360 Tuck No Hands

3rd Tom Reynolds 1 foot tabletop, Backflip Table Top, 360 1 Foot Tabletop

With the points all totalled up the overall series top 3 in both catagories went as follows


1st Harry Campbell

2nd Cameron Crozier

3rd Jack Cardy



1st Freddy Pullman (Canyon/Marzocchi)

2nd Tom Reynolds (Specialized UK/Olfi)

3rde Alex Cahill (Banshee UK/HT)

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the riders and spectators, Sponsors, Venues and all the Dirt Wars Crew who make Dirt Wars what it is.

This has been the 7th year of the series running and we are looking forward to year 8.

Take it easy and see you all in May 2017.