DMR Dirt Wars Round 1 2019 Series Radical Bike Park

So when we started Dirt Wars UK in 2010 to bring new riders on to the dirtjump comp scene we really didn’t think we would be here today hosting the 10th Anniversary Series. We’ve seen other comps come and go and we are still here stronger than ever with an amazing group of riders and an awesome UK dirt jump scene.

2019 is the 10th Anniversary and what better venue to kick it off than Radical Bike Park in Chelmsford Essex.

With a course consisting of a huge roll in tower then 2 big jumps with a quarter pipe to finish we decided to run both Open/AM and Pro/Elite on the same course as the level of riding from both classes was off the hook and we could see from the practice the riders were getting in on the Saturday that all were well capable and confident enough on the big line.


Qualifications went off and it seemed like the riders were ready to go straight to the final as they all came out blazing their trick bags and unleashing the big tricks they had dialled.


Rhys Pryce Griffiths was first out with suicides, 360 and 540’s on the quarter pipe followed by little 10yr old Finley Davies with No Footed Cans to No Footers, Backflip Table Tops and Candy Bars.


American rider Colton Lowry was out to show the UK riders that the USA have what it takes to keep up with the UK boy’s throwing out Tuck No Handers, Seat Grabs and Barspins.

The 4x Racing duo of Dan Wagstaff and Marti Pearce were on form with Dan pulling out No Footers to No foot Cans and Tailwhips where as Marti was throwing limbs all over the shop with No Footers, Tuck No Handers and No footer one Handers.


Back from a Ski Season PORC’s Kerry Pert was showing hes just as good on a bike as he is on Ski’s throwing down super clean 360 Tables and Tailwhips.


With all runs out the way Qualifications were as follows.


1st Joe Simkins

2nd Darren Estall

3rd Dan Wagstaff

4th Rhys Pryce Griffiths

5th Finley Davis

6th Larn Baldwin

7th Kerry Pert

8th Oscar Golding

9th Aiden Mc Millan

10th Colton Lowry

11th Harry Bolton

12th Marti Pearce

With the Pro’s awaiting their runs you could see that they were all ready to get the series started and the first round of points on the table. With last years overall series winner Freddy Pullman away at Swatch Rocket Air with fellow UK ripper Tom Isted it totally opened up the competition. First to drop for the Pro’s was Slam69’s Alfie Stephens and straight away the steeze was flowing as Alfie dropped a huge Lookback Nac followed by a 360 Indian Air Seat Grab then an Invert to Outvert Table on the quarter pipe. Next up was the Series 1 champion and legend that is Holdshott Crews Ryan Nangle (Also DWUK Videographer) putting out a Backflip Can, 360 Table and a huge Table on the quarter pipe.
Saracens Sam Hodgson has his Flipwhips dialled and Tailwhips like a helicopter spinning all over the place and it was no different here with his combos being bust out. The barspining master that is Saracens Alex Cahill seemed on good form in the qualies throwing down 3 Down Whips, Backflip Barspins and flairs on the quarter whilst NS Bikes rider Zac Rainbow hit out with Front Flips, Backflip Tuck No Handers and Flipwhips. Chromags Joe Aldridge was out for a podium spot with his Backflip Barspins, Backflip Cans and Barspins closely followed by Atomlabs Ali Dunn kicking out the Pendulums, Supermans and No Footed Cans
3 Runs were taken by each rider with their best run counting, after all was done the qualifications were as follows. 1st Sam Hodgson Saracen/Madison 2nd Cam Crozier Radical Bike Park 3rd Zac Rainbow NS/Joystick 4th Harry Campbell Rose/Smuggling Duds 5th Alex Cahill Saracen/Grinder 6th Ryan Nangle ShotCrew 7th Tom Reynolds Hope/Salice 8th Alfie Stephens Slam69 9th Joe Aldridge Chromag/Letsavew 10th Ali Dunn Atomlab
With all the qualifications out the way it was time for the first finals of the series and the Open riders were up ready to drop. Larn Baldwin was on form with his Backflip Tucks but unfortunately had a bit of a foot down on a Tailwhip which could well of seen him get a higher score if it was executed clean, whilst last years Overall Series Open Champion Aiden McMillan also seemed to have problems as he couldn't get a clean run together crashing out a few times on barspins and 360 barspins. The top 5 all showed they meant business with 5th place Harry Bolton putting out a best run of a Tuck No Hander to Double Tyre Grab to Tuck No Hander, 360 One Handed X-Up and a Bar Spin on the quarter pipe followed by 4th place Darren Estall with a run of Backflip Barspin, 360 X-up with a Barspin on the quarter all super clean.
3rd place and first on the main podium was Rhys Pryce Griffiths (RPG) with an awesome run of 360 X-Up, Suicide to Barspin and a Barspin on the quarter again all super clean, 2nd place and no stranger to the podium in the earlier days of DWUK was Oscar Golding (AKA The Walrus) with a massive run of Backflip, 360 Table with a huge Flair on the quarter pipe to finish. 1st place was taken and well deserved by local lad Joe Simkins who put out an awesome run of a huge Underflip followed by a corked 720 with a Table on the last. Well Done Dude… 1st Joe Simkins 2nd Oscar Golding 3rd Rhys Pryce Griffiths 4th Darren Estall 5th Harry Bolton 6th Larn Baldwin 7th Finley Davies 8th Colton Lowry 9th Kerry Pert 10th Dan Wagstaff 11th Aiden McMillan 12th Marti Pearce

With the Open/AM riders all finished it was time to get the big guns out on the course and send it!!!


Rose/Smuggling Duds rider Harry Cambell was snapping at the heals of the top 3 but couldn’t quite pull out the run he wanted finishing the day in 4th place with a run of a Frontflip, Backflip One Footed X-Up and a Flair on the quarterpipe.


The top 3 riders runs were some of the hardest runs that have ever had to be judged at Dirt Wars with only 0.5 of a point separating the 3 riders.


3rd place was taken by Hope/Salice’s Tom Reynolds with a super clean run of a 360 Tailwhip, Double Tailwhip and a 540 on the quarter followed by 2nd place winner Slam69’s Alfie Stephens who put out a top run of a Double Tailwhip, 360 Indian Air Seat Grab and an Opposite inverted Table on the quarterpipe.

The day was taken by 1st place winner and Radical Bike Park local Cameron Crozier with an outstanding run of a 360 Downwhip, Frontflip and a Tailwhip on the quarterpipe to finish.


1st Cameron Crozier Radical Bike Park

2nd Alfie Stephens Slam69

3rd Tom Reynolds Hope/Salice

4th Harry Campbell Rose/Smuggling Duds

5th Joe Aldridge Chromag/Letsavew

6th Sam Hodgson Saracen/Madison

7th Zac Rainbow NS/Joystick

8th Alex Cahill Saracen/Grinder

9th Ali Dunn Atomlab

10th Ryan Nangle (DNS) Holdshott Crew


For 2019 we are also holding a best trick comp throughout the series sponsored by Bike Chain Ricci/Team Mt3 with both Open and Pro riders being judged together. The judging is being done by 5 year old ripper Kolby (@Kolby267 on insta) and for round 1 Kolby chose Sam Hodgson’s perfect Flipwhips, Well done Sam and Thanks Kolby for being an awesome judge…


What an awesome end to round 1 of the 2019 British National FMB Series, The next round is on the 26th May at Chicksands Bike Park in Bedfordshire. Details are up on the Info tab of the website.


See You There


Photo's by Terry Stagg