DMR Dirt Wars Round 2 2019 Series Chicksands Bike Park

We normally start our series off at Chicksands Bike Park in Bedfordshire due to the fact their the smallest jumps on our series and its also the only venue we use with real Dirt take offs and not wooden kickers, This usually eases the riders into the coming series and gives us a good platform to start the series. This year things had to change a little bit as dates with other venues couldn't be met so we had to start the series at Radical Bike Park and take Chicky as our second round. This really did not cause any problems for the riders as they all still went all out and pulled some banger tricks out of their trickbags.

As always our Open riders lined up on the start and started to drop for their seeding runs, with a few new faces chucked into the mix it was clear the other riders were waiting to see what the new guys had to throw down.

With the weather being a bit shady with a large chance of rain the riders were told by the judges to make sure they got at least one decent run in to make sure they had a score incase the rain came in and we had to use seeding results for the final results.

With flips, 360’s 360 barspins being thrown down we could see the riders had taken onboard what we had said about getting a decent run in.

After 3 runs each the Seeding results were as follows.


1st Joe Simkins

2nd Harry Gascoyne

3rd Rhys Pryce Griffiths

4th Harry Bolton

5th Finley Davies

6th Darren Eastall

7th Aiden McMillan

8th Larn Baldwin

9th Michael Parfit

10th Fin Evans


With The Pro/Elite riders all up on course it was time to get their qualifiers under way and see what order the top ten would be placed for the final. Atomlabs Ali Dunn came out like a superhero (Being the Chicksands local boy) with huge supermans and Tuck No Handers whilst Chromags Joe Aldridge hit out with oppo bars, bar to bar back and 360 Tables.
Saracens Sam Hodgson opened his trickbag early throwing out Backflip Barspins, Tailwhips and Backflip CanCan’s whereas last rounds winner Pioneer Cam Crozier seemed to be missing a trick on the set up jump, still putting out 360 X-Ups, Flip Can’s and 360 Barspins but effecting his score for missing out a scored feature. The Original Flying Scotsman Kona’s Daniel Stewart was back at Dirt Wars after a few years out working for the Clan Stunt Team in his home land of Scotland and in usual danny style the limbs were flying everywhere, pulling of huge Supermans, Disco Pendulum Can Can’s and Massive Nothing’s trying to show the bottom of the country is just as good as the top Rose Bikes Harry Campbell (Cornwall Massive) Slayed the Backflip One Footed X-Up, Frontflips and 360 Can’s but unfortunatly was not enough this time.
After all riders had their 3 runs the Top 10 were as follows. 1st Tom Isted Gt Bikes/Fox Europe 2nd Sam Hodgson Saracen Bikes/Madison 3rd Freddy Pulman Corsair Bikes/Smuggling Duds 4th Alex Cahill Saracen Bikes/Grinder 5th Daniel Stewart Kona Bikes 6th Zac Rainbow NS Bikes/Joystick 7th Cameron Crozier Pioneer Rider 8th Harry Campbell Rose Bikes/Smuggling Duds 9th Joe Aldridge Chromag Bikes/Letsavew 10th Ali Dunn Atomlab Bikes/Tri UK
Open Riders up first and with the new riders lined up with the familiar faces it was time to see who was going to take the top 5 spots on the podium. Welsh rider Fin Evans was pulling out some banger Supermans and Backflips but couldnt seem to get a run together tricking all 4 jumps the same went for the new Flying Scotsman Aiden McMillan although he managed to get a run together of an ET, Backflip, Tuck and 360 on the last it wasent enough to push him in to the top 5. Young ripper Finley Davies was suffering from a kidney injury from a recent crash and you could tell he wasent his normal bubbly self which seemed to effect his riding, pulling off a run of a Tyre Grab, Nac Lookback, Tyre Grab and a Backflip it was not going to see him on the podium. Newcomer Michael Parfit couldn’t get any tricks in on the set up jump which was a pity as he was throwing down 360’s Back Flips and 360 Tables super clean where as Harry Bolton was getting x-Ups on the set up jump and throwing out his awesome signature Tuck no Hander to Tyre Grab to Tuck No Hander (Triple combination) it was not enough this time to take him to the podium leaving him in 6th place position.
The day was owned by the Top 5 riders and their runs went as follows. 5th Rhys Pryce Griffiths (RPG) Barspin, Tuck No Hander, 360 X-Up, Suicide on Last 4th Larn Baldwin X-Up, Backflip Tuck, Tailwhip, Tuck to X-Up 3rd Harry Gascoyne Tyre Grab, One Foot Can, Backflip, Tuck to Toboggan 2nd Darren Eastall X-Up, Backflip, Tuck No Hander, Truckdriver 1st Joe Simkins One Footed X-Up, Backflip Table, 360 X-Up, Backflip Can.

Competing with an injury from qualifications Ns/Joystick rider Zac Rainbow managed an awesome 4th place run with a Backflip Barspin, Backflip Table and a Huge Frontflip to finish but this was not going to put a dampener on 3rd place Saracen/Grinder rider Alex Cahill putting in a run of a Barspin, Backflip Barspin, 360 Down Whip and a Double Truck Driver to finish.


2nd place went to Dirt Wars Golden Boy (Most decorated DWUK athlete in the 10 series history) Corsair/Smuggling Duds rider Freddy Pulman with an outstanding run of a Tailwhip, 360 Tailwhip, 360 Barspin and a huge Frontflip Tuck No Hander on the last. Unfortunately for Freddy Tom Isted was fresh off a second place win at Bike Days and wanted the win at round 2 throwing down a huge run of a Backflip on the tiny set up jump, Backflip tuck on the second, 360 Downwhip on the third and a Backflip Tailwhip on the last. Two of the 3 runs of Tom’s had Cashroll’s on the last but crashed out, he did however pull one after 2 attempts once the comp was run. Well done dude!!!

1st Tom Isted Gt Bikes/Fox Europe

2nd Freddy Pulman Corsair/Smuggling Duds

3rd Alex Cahill Saracen/Grinder

4th Zac Rainbow Ns/Joystick

5th Sam Hodgson Saracen/Madison

6th Cam Crozier Privateer Rider

7th Harry Campbell Rose/Smuggling Duds

8th Daniel Stewart Kona Bikes

9th Joe Aldridge Chromag/Letsavew

10th Ali Dunn Atomlab/Tri Uk

Through out this years series we are also hosting a Best Trick contest sponsored by Bike Chain Ricci/Team Mt3 which is taken from all riders runs. Normally we would have the little ripper Kolby to hand out the medal but he was unavailable for round two so it was judged by our MC Dylan Stone choosing Kona Bikes Daniel Stewart for his Disco Pendulum Can Can. We are sure Kolby would approve…


Photos: Archie Bromfield

The next round is at the Malverns festival on the 14th to 16th of June (Comp day is the 15th with practice on the 14th and a jam on the 16th). You can either buy a weekend pass and have all 3 days at the festival (you can use any of the trails at the festival so bring a enduro or DH bike if thats also your thing) or you can buy a day pass for the Saturday (comp day) where you will get practice then seeding then finals then have to leave the site after podiums before the big saturday night party starts. You can get your tickets to the event here by hitting the Buy Tickets tab or you can pay on the day at the door for a larger fee.


Full details will be up on the website on Monday the 3rd of June.