DMR Dirt Wars Round 2 2020 Series Wisley Trails LiveFeed Replay, Results and Photo's

With Covid Guide Lines still in place we kicked off Round 2 of the 2020 DMR Dirt Wars Series at Wisley Trails in Surrey. It's been 6 years since we held a round of the series at the Legendagry Wisley trails and a lot had changed since we were last there.

The old Jam/Comp line has gone and the Main line has been made massive, We had to split the AM/Novice riders onto different course's as the Main line is way to big for the AM/Novice so we choose to hold it on the smaller line at the top of the trails...

The guy's from  A Little Dirt Never Hurt have done an outstanding job since taking over the trails from Digs. Wisley is a private members only spot so please be sure to become a member by contacting A Little Dirt Never Hurt over instagram....

Check out the live feed replay, Results and also photo's from Matt Aldridge, Andy Lehman, Jo Hawkins and Dec LePage.......

AM/Novice 1st Ali Huck 97 Points 2nd Fin Evans 89.5 3rd Josh Turner 89 4th Larn Baldwin 77.5 5th Sam Berry 76 6th Harry Bolton 74 7th Harry Gascoyne 69 8th Jack Dera 61 9th Liam Brown DNS Well done to all AM/Novice Riders.....

Pro/Elite    Out of a possible 120 points 


1st     Cam Crozier              Radio Bikes/Praiseworthy                                                                               100 points 

2nd    Ryan Nangle              Privateer                                                                                                          94 

3rd    Sam Hodgson            DMR Bikes/Dynamic Style                                                                               83.5

4th    Freddy Pulman           Canyon/Etnies/SD                                                                                           81

5th    Robert Beard              Kali Protectives/Oxford Products                                                                     81

6th    Joe Aldridge               Chromag/Letsavew                                                                                          72

7th    Zac Rainbow               NS Bikes/Kali Protectives                                                                               71

8th    Finlay Davies              Commencal/Halo                                                                                             70

9th    Harry Campbell           Rose Bikes/DirtWars                                                                                       57

10th  Matt Clague                 Privateer                                                                                                         56

11th  Ali Dunn                       Privateer                                                                                                         55


A Massive Thank You to all the Wisley Trails Crew for having us at their trails during this trying time, Thank you to all the Riders that attended, Thank you to the DWUK Crew, Massive Thank you to the Video Live Stream Legend Matt Aldridge, The Video Edit Legend Joe Simkins (Video Edit Coming Soon), Our Photographers, Matt Aldridge (Again), Jo Harvey, Dec LePage and the broken Andy Lehman. Mega Huge Thanks to our Sponsors

DMR Bikes

Worx Power Tools

Praiseworthy Clothing 

Smuggling Duds

Proper Cleaner By Guy Martin

Unite Components 

Core Protection

NC-17 Europe

Etnies MTB Shoes

CBD Mountain 

Full Factory Suspension 


Round 3 will be at Redhill Extreme on the Worx SlopeStyle Course that we have been building on the 26th and 27th of September.  BMX will be on Saturday the 26th and MTB will be on Sunday the 27th. Please be Aware this will be prebook entries only. No Spectators but there will be a live feed on Both Days for the General Public to Watch....


See You There

The DWUK Crew...