DMR DirtWars - FMB Bronze Series - Round 4 - PORC

On Sunday, August 6th, it was PORC’s (Penshurst Off Road Club) time to open its gates to the public once more and host the latest round of the FMB Bronze series and UK premier dirt jump event, DMR DirtWars. Having had a typical week of British summer weather and a changing forecast, arriving at the event it was clear that the weather gods were in our favour. The jumps were looking prime and with the crowd of spectators growing, it was time to get the riders signed in and start the day's event. But before we start a massive shout out to Terry, without his dedication and hard work, the jumps would have been unrideable today as PORC is no longer open to the public and the jumps have sat in disrepair for most of the year.

With the riders signed in and padded up, the course was opened and it was time to get used to the course and start entertaining the growing number of spectators. First up, it was the open riders to hit the course, competing on the smaller line of the two which didn't mean that the tricks would be any less impressive. With a couple of new faces to the series, it was going to be interesting to see how they match up against the seasoned riders, the riders had 3 runs each with the top 6 going through to finals.

Local rider, James Firrel cruising through with a laid-back toboggan, while after a break from riding and competing, Joe Simkins shows that he's still got his signature whips on lock.

With each run passing, it was clear that all the riders were hungry to make the finals, sending tricks over each set with style making it hard job for the judges. Too hard even, with the scores so tight and everyone stoked on the riding, the decision was made to send all ten riders into the final to fight for a spot on the podium and stash of prizes.


With a few of the regular pro riders away with other commitments, there was a limited field of six riders and the decision was taken to run the first session as seeding to sort out the running order for finals. Before kicking of the seeding runs, the pros gave the spectators a taste of what was about to happen, sending a massive train down the course, filled with huge flips, floaty 360s and a fully stretched superman seat grab from Freddy Pulman.
Although these were only seeding runs, the pros weren't holding anything back and sending their big tricks. Alex Cahill with a huge Super flip on the last feature. After all said and done, the running order would be Ali Dunn, Tom Reynolds, Freddy Pulman, Harry Campbell, Tom Isted with Alex Cahill taking the top spot.
Time for the Open finals and everyone knew that they were going to have to push through their comfort zone if they were to end up close to the top step. With more and more tricks being put down, the level of competition and excitement went up. Josh Venamore added in a table combination to his backflip on the final jump. Local James Firrel rolled the dice by trying to go 360 to oppo 360, unfortunately, this time the gamble didn't pay off and also missing out on a podium spot by just two points. Zac Rainbow managed to put down the best run of his season with a 360 to Flip tuck and finishing with a massive f-bomb, he would end up with the joint highest scoring run of the day, but would have to settle for second after the judges had to take previous runs into count.
In the end, it was the other PORC Local, Kerry Pert who stole the show with a mix of banger tricks and elegant style. With the same top score as Zac Rainbow, it was Kerry's consistency to throw down banger runs that earned him the top step of the podium today. Here he is boosting a tailwhip before setting up for a 3-whip over the last jump.
DMR Dirtwars Open Podium. 1st – Kerry Pert: Tailwhip, 360 table, 360-Tailwhip 2nd – Zac Rainbow: 360, Flip tuck, Front flip 3rd – Jack Cardy: Barspin set up, Backflip, 360, 360-Tailwhip 4th – Joe Simkins: Flip Table, Flip Tuck, Barrel roll 5th – Patrick Robinson: 360 set up, Tire grab to toboggan, Backflip, Truck driver After just seeing how hyped and intense the open competition had got, it was time for the pros to stretch and get warmed up before battling it out for the podium and cash prizes. With the judges in place and the ever enthusiastic, Dylan on the mic hyping up just about everyone in the venue, it was time for the pros to drop in for their final runs.

Entertaining the crowd with double flips on the last jump like they were nothing, Tom Isted pushed hard for the top step, double flipping the second jump, only to come unstuck on the superman 360 attempt and would have to settle for second place.

Having put down his run multiple times during practice, Freddy Pulman was unable to repeat his actions in either of his three runs and would have to settle for a frustrating fifth place. It shows the level of competition is high when Tom Reynolds put a flawless run together that includes a double tailwhip and a huge 360 table and not make the podium.

After laying down a solid run of technical combos and ending on a huge front flip, Harry Campbell pushed his score higher in his last two by risking it with his massive front flip on the second jump and being rewarded third place, his first podium in the pro category.

Building on the foundations that he had put down in the seeding runs, Alex Cahill showed that he could not be beaten today and took the top step of the podium. With a flawless run that included a DMR DirtWars first of a 360 Tailwhip to late Bar-spin as well crazy combos including a Flip bar to late tuck.

DMR Dirtwars Pro Podium

1st – Alex Cahill: Decade, Flip bar to late tuck, 360 Tailwhip to late Bar-spin.
2nd – Tom Isted: Tuck no-hander, Double Flip, Superflip.
3rd – Harry Campbell: No-footed x-up to late no-foot can, Frontflip, Backflip one-foot x-up to late can.

Finally a massive thank you to all the spectators that came out to cheer the riders on. All the riders, for putting on such an incredible show and probably the most competitive round of DirtWars to date. Terry, for all the hours spent making sure the jumps were running perfectly all day! Last but not least, a huge shout out to all of the DirtWars crew for all their hard work organizing and making sure the event runs smoothly. 

Keep your eyes peeled on the DMR DirtWars website for announcements about the next round which will be on Sunday, September 10th. 

Words and Images: Chris Greenwood