DWUK Round 1 2022 Chicksands Bike Park Photo's and Results

Chicksands Bike Park is always the best start to the series with the jumps being the smallest of the series and also the softest for the guy's to ease their trickbags open at the begining of the season.

When I say their the smallest then please don't think their tiny as their not and they can be a challenge to most riders when they first hit them. Set out with small dirt to dirt set up jump then 3 straight jumps with wooden kickers their certainly set for huge tricks...


Round 1 of the series kicked of there on the 29th of May and here's what went down...


Photo's Rob Morton @rm_photography5100


The Open Class as always started off the day and it was good to see the turn out of a few new younger riders as well as a few of the older faces too.

Young Alex Harris and Jowan Whitehouse and Charlie Hart had their first Dirt Wars outting and seemed to love it soaking up the experience from the top boys as they all practiced together.

After the boy's had their seeding runs it was off to the finals where they all decided to open their trick bags and go full send.

(Check out the video edit on the post above this one to see the top 3 runs)

After an awesome day of riding the results were as follows 1st Charlie Bowman 2nd James Forbes 3rd Hamish Hakes 4th Lucas Rose 5th Dudley Laing 6th George Keen 7th Charlie Hart 8th Dan Vickery 9th Jowan WhiteHouse 10th Alex Harris Well Done Guys
The Level of riding in pro has gone through the roof over the last few years as the guy's seem to push the levels of riding so hard to get their spot on the podium. This year seems no different as the guy's came out fighting from the word go. Each rider seems to push the next one on until they are all going full ham with their tricks.
With seeding for the Pro/Elite Class out the way the battle for the Top 3 podium spots was on.
After all riders had taken their 3 runs the overall results were as follows..
1st Jake Atkinson 2nd Cam Crozier 3rd Freddy Pulman 4th Josh Crosswell 5th Tom Isted 6th Darren Eastall 7th Wig Lewington Booth 8th Andy Lehman 9th Sam Berry 10th Fin Evans 11 Rhys Price Griffiths To see the top 3 runs check out the video edit on the post above this one on the website front page....

The next round will be at Radical Bike Park on the 26th of June Signing in 10am to 11am 



Cliff and The Dirt Wars Team......