After 9 weeks and a postponement we are just about ready for this coming weekends final.

Ok so the course is still a bit soft and its a bit rough around the edges but damn we have done an awesome job and now have one of the biggest Slopestyle courses in the UK and its going to get bigger before we use it again for next years series.


The course so far consists of a huge start drop (Open riders dont worry as we have another option if the open riders are not keen on hitting the drop) which gos into the first Trick jump (Slight step up) this then sends you round some small berms into a 180 steep berm and off the Cannon, The cannon has a downhill landing that has a long runout into the big Trick jump at the bottom of the course.

This is what we will be using for the final.

We will be starting at 10.30 with signing in and joint practice, Signing in will close at 11.15 so please ensure you are there before this time if you wish to ride.


Open Practice 11.15 to 11.45

Open Seeding 11.45 to 12.15

Pro Practice 12.30 to 13.00

Pro Quallies 13.00 to 13.45

Open Practice 14.00 to 14.15

Open Final 14.30 to 15.00

Pro Practice 15.15 to 15.30

Pro Final 15.30 to 16.15

Podiums 16.30 to 16.45

Directions to Site The postcode for the venue is EX137PY When you get 300yards from this postcode you will turn off into a carpark area where you will see a Dirt Wars Uk banner and Carpark signs. Please park here and walk the rest of the way to the course, follow the signs up to the course. Please Do Not drive up the track as its a single lane and people live up this lane and are constantly using it. You cannot park up by the trails as this area needs to be kept clear at all times for Ambulance access. No exceptions, Anyone caught parking in this area the comp will be stopped until the route is again clear for Emergency services. Please respect the locals that live in this area as keeping them happy is key to us to be able to use the venue again in future years. No Pit or Mini bikes, Anyone caught trying to ride a pit or mini bike etc whilst the comp is running will hold up the proceedings until the mini bike has been put back in their vehicle or parked up.
Please bring any spares you think you may need up to the trails with you, we will have a pump and hex keys at the ezy-up to help you out with mechanicals but we will not have tubes etc so please bring them with you. There are no toilets at the trails so please make sure you have taken a visit to the loo before arrival. There is a StarBucks 2 mins drive away from the Carpark for refreshments and toilets. Again I must stress that you cannot drive up past the carpark regardless who you are and what you think you will be able to get away with as you will be turned around and told to go back to the carpark. Cars that try to park up at the top by the trails have the chances of being damaged by the landowner as they drive their excavators in and out of their site daily. We are really looking forward to this round as a lot of hard work and long hours have gone into this coming sunday, see you all there….