We are sorry to announce that this weekend's final rounds have been postponed.
Unfortunately the dry weather that was supposed to be hitting RocketWorld today and drying out the already damp conditions turned into more heavy rain!  Last night and this morning a load more heavy showers rolled in and soaked the place once more.

We obviously have had to think seriously about the postponement but have decided it's the best option for a couple of reasons. 
Firstly, It is a monster of a course; big jumps, drops & wooden features.  In that respect it is gonna add more risk & danger to the event if ground conditions were wet and muddy.  So we have to think of the riders safety first and don't want to put the competitors under any unnecessary risk.
Secondly, we want this to be a banger of an event & with wet conditions it just won't be full of the same action packed riding!!

As long as things dry up we are hoping to hold the event next weekend - soo keep your eye out on here & through our Twitter/Facebook for more updates.