Freddy's Yard Round 4 2023


Photo's   Archie Bromfield

Video   Sam Davies Media

Drone Pilot  Paralax Visuals   Tim Peckham

Words   Cliff Barbeary


After months of rain and a few postponements we managed to get Round 4 at Freddys Yard in East Devon in the Books for the 2023 Series.


A few weeks before we had set everything up on the Saturday ready for the event the following day then when arriving at the venue on the Sunday the heavens opened and sent biblical amounts of water to dampen our day. This time round the sun was out and the boy's went full on pushing their limits to the maximum.

The level of riding in Open/AM was totally off the hook on a course that scared most of the other open riders away.


1st    Charlie Hart               60   Points

2nd   Patrick Coates          57

3rd   Malachi  Epeara        56.5

4th   Jowan Whitehouse    50

5th   Sean Coates              49

6th   Will Allen                    45



The Pro/Elite Class has been on form all year but Freddy's Yard seems to be a bit of a proving ground for the Big Guns. 1st Jordan Clark 72.5 2nd Freddy Pulman 71.5 3rd Fin Davies 68 4th Harry Gascoyne 63 5th Wig L Booth 59

Massive thank you to the Landowner Richard for allowing us to have the course at Freddy's Yard. Thanks to all the Crew, Riders, Spectators for such an awesome day.

Thanks to all our sponsors.


Round 5 The Final will be at Chicksands BikePark on the 5th of November.