GT Malverns Classic Rider Invites So Far

Ok so I know a lot of the riders are waiting to see who's got an Invite to this years DMR Dirt Wars Final in the Worx Dirt Arena at the GT Malverns Classic.


So here are the first bout of rider invites......




Vinney Quinnell

Oliver Galviz

Charlie Mason

Sean Coates

George Keen

Will Allen

Malachi Epapara

Zach Shilton

Elijah Beavis

Stanley Crowe

Xavier Przeorek

Jude Quinnell

Archie Clipsham

Mason Mallett




Pro/Elite Invites


Alfie Stephens

Zac Rainbow

Jake Attkinson

Finley Davies

Freddy Pulman

Patrick Coates

Charlie Hart

Will Griffin

Charlie Bowman

Josh Crosswell

Robert Beard

Matt Jones

Harry Gascoyne

Sam Hodgson

Achill Sweeney

Rhys Price Griffiths

Oli Milsom


There are more riders to add to both lists after round 4 so you still have a chance to get an invite if you have rode any of the 3 previous rounds.

Open Riders on the list need to drop me an insta message @DirtWarsUK after the 21st of July.

More information coming real soon!!!!