The GT Malverns Classic Round 5 2022

With the massive success of Dirt Wars being at the 2021 Gt Malverns Classic we were invited back for 2022 and we decided to make things bigger and better than ever.

The course was planned out back in February 2022 and once the design was confirmed and agreed it was time to put the wheels in motion and get things organized ready for August. 

After loads of meetings and phone calls August arrived and it was time to put on a show.

Cliff and Jack went in to the festival ground on the 17th of August and started to build the course consisting of a huge drop (Thanks M&J Scaffolding Bristol) to start followed by 3 progressively bigger jumps down through the center of the Malverns arena.


On the 25th the riders started to arrive and check out the course ready for practice on the 26th, Unfortunately the rain had set in over the 2 previous days and had hit the jumps really hard washing off the sand faces. Luckily the Friday brought awesome sunshine and the Team and riders got out on the course and sorted it all out in the baking heat ready for practice to go down.

It took both the Pro and Open Riders a while to get used to the course as it was soft due to the downpour in the previous days but the more the riders hit the jumps the quicker they became as the soil and sand packed down under their tyres meaning the tricks started to flow. 

With Fridays practice out the way it was on to the evening session of the 661 Mr Whippy whip off and sideways was the name of the game (Head over to our YT Channel and check out the whip off action on our Malverns video edit).

With 16 riders being whittled down to 5 it was going to be an awesome show for sure. The crowd were definitely hyped for this one.

With 2 of our Dirt wars boys taking 1st and 2nd (Josh Crosswell 1st Cam Crozier 2nd) it was a good night for the Dirt Wars family and the 661 Mr Whip it was a huge success for the 2nd year running.
Saturday was game day and all the riders were up early and at the course by 10am for a bit of practice before we had to separate the Pro and Open Riders as Saturday afternoon was qualifications time for our Open/AM riders. With 16 riders in the line up it was going to go all out as there were only 10 spots in the final as apposed to other rounds where we use a seeding system so everyone gets a chance in the final. The Open Riders were racked and stacked and ready to drop in to see who would take those top 10 spots..
After each rider had maxed out on their 3 runs the Qually results were as follows. 1st Daniel Vickery 2nd James Forbes 3rd Archie Cole 4th Charlie Hart 5th Harrie Scholten 6th Dudley Laing 7th Sam Lewington Booth 8th Jowan Whitehouse 9th Caleb Holford 10th Jack Dera ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11th Thomas Browne 12th Nathan Meadows 13th Hamish Hakes 14th Mason Mallett 15th George Keen 16th Lucas Rose 17 Rhain Combes
As the evening drew in the lights came on and it was now over to the Pro riders to see who was going to take the Top 10 and go through to Sundays Final. All riders didn't disappoint and there were Dirt wars Firsts and all sorts being thrown down. Fin Davies showed that he may be small in size but has huge trick bags to unleash on the older guy's throwing corked 720's and 360ing a drop for his first time ever. Cornwalls Rob Beard was showing off his MX style with massive Supermans which looked amazing under the lights and both Henry Turner and Sam Berry were coming out with massive 360's and Can variations. Kellys Bikes Wig Lewington Booth showed he was still in the game after suffering a knee injury at round 3 he was back and swinging out his signature Super Tailwhips. Freddy Pulman was also back after a shoulder injury and showing he was still top 5 even with very little practice, Cam Crozier hit new heights with his super extended 360 tucks after his second place win in the Whip Off. Jordan Clarke wow'ed the crowds with his Frontflip Tucks over the second whilst Jake ( the Helicopter) Atkinson was taking off with triple trucks and huge Cash Rolls over the last. After all the riders had smashed their runs in the arena under spotlights here were the results and the Top 10 who would advance to Sundays final. 1st Jake Atkinson 2nd Jordan Clark 3rd Freddy Pulman 4th Fin Davies 5th Cam Crozier 6th Rhys Pryce-Griffiths 7th Wig Lewington Booth 8th Josh Crosswell 9th Henry Turner 10th Achill Sweeny ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11th Charlie Bowman 12th Benjamin Fall 13th Robert Beard 14th Guylian Wiseham 15th Sam Berry 16th Harry Bolton

Sunday was Finals Day and with both top 10 in Open/AM and Pro/Elite on course it was going to be intense and crazy all mixed into one as you could see that all the riders were keen for the top 3 podium spots. 

Check out the Video Edit on our website and YT Channel to see the finals action go down......


Top Ten Results Open/AM 

1st      Daniel Vickery                                                                          85 Points

2nd     Sam Lewington Booth                                                             82

3rd      Archie Cole                                                                              77

4th      James Forbes                                                                          73

5th      Jack Dera                                                                                71

6th      Dudley Laing                                                                            71

7th     Charlie Hart                                                                              67

8th     Harrie Scholten                                                                        65

9th     Jowan WhiteHouse                                                                 57

10th   Caleb Holford                                                                        54

Well done to all the Open/AM Riders you all put on one hell of a show and did yourselves proud in front of big crowds...

Top Ten Pro Riders Results


1st      Jordan Clark    MT3,Halo,Illegal Pizza                                                                           108 

2nd     Jake Atkinson   POC                                                                                                      106

3rd      Cam Crozier               Identiti,Halo,Praiseworthy                                                                        94

4th      Fin Davies                  Commencal,Halo,PitViper,Madison                                                         87

5th      Freddy Pulman           Canyon,SpitfireSpeedshop,Smuggling Duds                                          86

6th      Josh Crosswell           Privateer                                                                                                  83

7th      Achill Sweeny             Privateer                                                                                                  72

8th      Wig Lewington Booth  Kellys Bikes,Mountain Mania                                                                  72

9th     Rhys Pryce Griffiths    Praiseworthy                                                                                           56

10th    Henry Turner              Privateer                                                                                                 23


Well done to all the riders in the Pro Class you smashed it and all deserved the top 10.

We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Si and Oli Paton for inviting us to the GT Malverns Classic, The Malverns Crew for looking after us, Our Sponsors ESP Dmr Bikes, Worx Power Tools, Monster Energy (Your all amazing), My totally Amazing Dirt Wars Family (You Know who you are) Farmer James for all his help with the course,  M&J Scaffolding for sorting out the drop, Charlie for Picking up all the timber, The Sandbay Crew for help with the course, Tamera Barbeary for the Admin work, Blue Sky Metal Fabrications for the Stencils and Fire Pit and obviously all the Riders and Spectators that make the Malverns Classic such a special event. 


Plans are already in place for the 2023 Malverns Classic to make the course and show bigger and better than ever.

See You There