Nass Confirmed Rider List


Below is a list of Open and Pro riders who have confirmed a spot on the NASS round.

If your name is not listed below and you are riding then you need to mail me asap.

OPEN CLASS Confirmed Riders

Harry Campbell

Tristan Bushnell

Warren Towler

Cole Todd

Ben Nolan

Cameron Crowsear

Josh Phillips

Alex Greenwood

Andrew Alexander

Kerry Pert

Darren Estall

Jamie Taylor

Jack Ambler

Daniel Selkirk

Sam Hunniset

Marcus Gilhooley

Ben White

Jak Shepard

Lawerence Bachell

Jake Phillips

Dan Chambers

Dan coles

Chris Greenwood

Craig Potter


PRO RIDERS Confirmed

Matt Scott (Deity)

Daryl Brown (Bulls Bikes)

Alfie Stevens (Deity)

Adam Williams (Rose Bikes)

Ryan Nangle (Marzocchi)

Tom Cardy (Dartmoor)

Ray Samson (DMR Bikes)

Joe Simkins (Dartmoor)

Freddy Pullman (Canyon)

Jordan English (Animal)

Danny Stewart (BawBags)

Ricky crompton (Diamondback)

Olly Green (Beddo Bikes)