To all riders that have registered for NASS 2016 you need to follow the simple instructions below.


When arriving at the NASS site you will be asked on entry where you need to go. You need to tell the security on the gate you are a Dirt Wars Rider and you need to go to the production carpark.

When arriving in production car park you need to drive to the top of production car park and turn left where you will see the DMR Ezy-up. Your wrist bands and a time sheet will be waiting there with the dirt wars crew with your name on.

You will be able to get on site no earlier than 9am on Friday the 8th July so please dont arrive on the thursday night as you wont be able to get in. Anyone trying to do so before will be stripped of their ticket and wont get acsess to the festival. You do not need to go to the NASS booth as they will not issue you a band you can only get them off the dirt wars crew.

Please use the image above for your instagram accounts so people know your riding NASS.


See you all there Friday....