NASS FMB Bronze Round 3 Details

Ok all you NASS riders. 

Here's the details you have been waiting for.


You will be able to arrive at NASS from 8am on Friday the 6th of July. As you arrive on site you need to tell the security that your riding in the Mountainbike Dirt Jumping Competition and you need to go to the Dirt wars Ezy-up to get your wrist band and CarPark Pass. (Print this page off to show security).

You will see The DirtWars Uk Banner up above the Ezy-up at the back of the carpark.

You will need to come to the Ezy-up and fill out your NASS/DirtWars UK Disclaimers before obtaining your wrist band, You will then also be given a CarPark Pass which you will need to get in your windscreen ASAP as cars in the Athlete Parking area without a pass will be towed.

Along with your wrist band you will be given a Timetable of times we have the jumps, Please only ride at our dedicated times. 

Anyone wanting food please come and see Cliff or Tamera as soon as you arrive so we can see if we can sort it as we know the NASS Link didnt work for some who wanted food.

Any more info needed then please dont hesitate to drop us a mail.