Rose Bikes Dirt Wars FMB Bronze Series Round 3 NASS Festival 2018

Since the Dawn of time the National Adventure Sports Show (NASS) has been bringing extreme sports fans and music lovers together to hold some of the biggest extreme sports competitions and nights of music in the UK. Athletes from the likes of Tony Hawk, Matt Hoffman, Mike V, Logan Martin, James Jones, Lee Blackwell, Matt Jones, Brandon Loupos and Mark Webb have all ridden comp’s or put on shows at NASS over the years and the crowd are always hyped.


This year was no different and we were lucky enough once again to take over the Dirt Jumps at NASS to hold Round 3 of The Rose Bikes Dirt Wars UK FMB Series.




After arriving on site on Friday the 6th of July it was clear to see that it was going to be a scorcher of a weekend as by 10am it was already in the high 20’s. We took over the jumps at 1pm to get some practice in but by this time it had hit 30 degree’s so the riders decided to chill in the shade until the temperature dropped. By 4.30pm the riders were good to go and the Open qualifiers began. Most of the Open riders struggled to get through the course but our top open riders had no issues and started to throw down Tuck No Handers, Can’s and the occasional 360 on the last. Once out the way we had our top 10 ready for Sundays final.


All the riders continued to hit the course for extra practice until the music began then they all dispersed into the crowds to bounce the night away to the likes of Bugzy Malone, Dizzy Rascal and De La Soul.



Saturday was the hottest day ever and the riders were dreading having to ride in the baking weather as they would be fully padded up (The course at NASS is always rock hard so the riders wear more padding than normal). 2pm and the jumps were ours, The Pro riders took to the course to see who would be first off the roll in on Sunday and who would be last. Like the open riders from the day before everything started slowly then the bombs were starting to get dropped. Harry Campbell busting out front flips over the huge first jump, Freddy Pulman popping tailwhips up the step up and 1st place qualifier Alex Cahill busting 360 bar to bar back were just a few of the top moments.

After all the guy’s had dropped the results for pro Quallys were as follows.

1st Alex Cahill 2nd Freddy Pulman 3rd Cameron Crozier 4th Harry Campbell 5th Wig Lewington Booth 6th Tom Reynolds 7th Sam Hodgson 8th Joe Aldridge 9th Callum Sherwood 10th Zac Rainbow The finals were set to go off the following day and all the riders were pumped to see who would walk away with the £1,000 first place prize bag.
Sunday Finals Day With another horrendously hot day on the cards the final was not only set to be blazing riding wise but also heat wise. During practice for the Open riders we lost half the field with riers crashing out, wind taking them sideways and even a huge crash from overall Open series and 2nd place Nass qualifier Rhys Pryce Griffiths. Rhys (RPG) went to 360 the second jump but had to bail half way and ended up breaking his Tib&Fib and also dislocating and shattering part of his ankle (Massive healing vibes to you bro).
With a handful of riders left in open they dropped in to show the growing crowd that its not just the BMX riders who can throw it down on dirt. With more crashes, 360’up the step up from Dan Wagstaff, a few 3whips from Sam Hunniset and 360s and ET’s from Aidan Mc Millan the top 3 were as follows. 1st Kerry Pert Backflip, 360, Seatgrab up, Straight on Quater, Straight down Tailwhip to finish 2nd Dan Wagstaff Straight Air, Tuck No Hander, 360 up, Straight on Quater, X-Up down, Tailwhip 3rd Aidan McMillan Tuck No Hander, X-Up, ET up, Huge straight air on Quater, Air down, Barspin
With the Open riders all done and dusted for the weekend it was over to the Pro line up and to see who was going to take the £1000 1st, £500 2nd , £250 3rd, £150 4th and £100 5th place prize cheques. Despite nailing some wicked runs in qualifying with frontflips over the first jump, being the first to 360 up the step up and attempt flairs on the quarter Rose Bikes Rider Harry Campbell was unable to put the run together he wanted where as Wig Lewington Booth was hitting out with Truckdrivers and 3 whips at every opportunity, Even though he has been off the bike for a few years privateer rider Wig was showing he still can put it down for the crowds and hold his own amongst the Pro riders.
After a road trip around Europe Chromag Bikes rider Joe Aldridge was back in comp mode throwing down the One Footed Cans, Flips and 360’s as was Zac Rainbow with his Tucks, Flips and Flip No Handers. Callum Sherwood has so far this year proved he has what it takes to mingle with the pro riders putting down the 3 Downwhips, Huge extended suicides, Barspins and 360’s.

Banshee/Gusset rider Alex Cahill (1st Place at Rounds 1 and 2) had an amazing qualifing result when coming in 1st place but on finals day something went wrong and Alex couldn’t put together his normal high standard of riding and crashed out on his runs. This totally opened up the field and Freddy Pulman Sam Hodgson Cam Crozier and Tom Reynolds all took advantage of it in the fight for the podium.

Saracen rider Sam Hodgson threw out the 360’s Privateer Cam Crozier and Tom Reynolds hit the Double Tailwhips and Freddy Pulman smashed out the 3 toboggan.


After all was done the Top 3 were as follows

1st Tom Reynolds Double Tailwhip, Flip Table, X-up up, 180 X-up on Quater, Air down, 3Whip (Super Clean Run, Perfect landings)

2nd Freddy Pullman Flip Tuck, 3 Seat Grab, 360 up, Allyopp Barspin on Quater, Air down, Flip Double Bar

3rd Cameron Crozier Flip Bar, Double Tailwhip, Air up, 180 Bar on Quater, Air down, Frontflip (Sketchy Landing on Frontflip)


Yet again NASS didn't fail to provide and the comps went off amazingly well. Massive healing vibes to all the athletes in all disciplines that crashed out and injured themselves over the festival we hope you heal up fast ready for your next comp. Massive healing vibes to Rhys Pryce Griffiths (Fix up look sharp).


Massive thank you to the Vision Nine crew as without these guys there would be no NASS, You did an awesome job as always. The Builders of the course Gorilla Events and Forte Trailscapes (Esp Toby) The Dirt wars Crew (You know who you are), The Riders, The Sponsors and The Spectators as you all helped to make Round 3 of the Rose Bikes Dirt Wars UK FMB Series another amazing round.



The next Round will be Round 4 at Ramps Dirt Park in Llanalli in Wales on the 5th of August Full Details will be up on the website this week.


See You there