Rose Bikes Dirt Wars FMB Bronze Series Round 6 Freddy's Yard The FINAL 2018


2018 has been an awesome year for the Rose Bikes Dirt Wars FMB Bronze Series, we started off the series at Chicksands Bike Park back in May and since then we have been to Radical Bike Park in Essex, The Mighty NASS Festival aswel as the two new courses we had built at Ramps SkatePark in Llanelli and at RocketWorld in Somerset and then we got to finish the year with the final on the largest SlopeStyle course in the UK at Freddy Pulmans Yard in East Devon.

We’ve seen Banshee/Gusset rider Alex Cahill take first place in Pro for the first two rounds, Then Muc-Off/Hope Tech rider Tom Reynolds take the big win at the NASS Festival for round 3, GT Bikes rider Tom Isted cleared up the win for round 4, Then Ex/Smuggling Duds rider Freddy Pulman take the win at Rocket World and take the overall Pro Title before he’s even rode at his own yard for Round 6 (Due to his 2nd and 3rd place results through out the series, also making Freddy the first person to win 1 Open Overall Title and 2 Pro Overall Titles). We’ve also had to lower the entry level to 9 years of age (It will be going up to 10yrs next year) due to the little ripper Finlay Davies joining the series and making waves in the Open ranks. With 2019 being the 10th Year Anniversary for Dirt Wars 2018 really has been an awesome build up to next years coming antics and madness on the UK Dirt Jump scene.


On to the FINAL…..

After 5 rounds of Dirt Jump madness it was time for the final round of the series and what better place to hold it than at Freddy’s Yard in Devon. The Slope style course consists of a 4m Drop into a huge step up followed by back to back berms then a canon jump into a huge money booter for the last jump, the course really is huge.


With only a handful of Open Class riders stepping up to the challenge (Including 9yr old Finlay Davies) it was time to kick the final off to see who would take round 6 and who would take the overall title. Practice went off from 10am to 12pm then we got the riders lined up for their seeding runs.

The Open riders started things off and it was all about tucks, tyre grabs and X-ups. Larn Baldwin (Although not getting scored for the drop) decided to throw tuck’s off the drop followed by tucks on the step up whilst Harry Bolton was throwing out the combo of Tyre Grab to X-up.

Little Finlay Davies followed on Harry with the Tyre Grab to X-up on the first and huge Steezy Nacs on the last, not to be out done with the combo’s Finlay Evans started to chuck out X-Ups to Tabletops then huge Tucks on the last.

Aidan McMillan didnt put on the show he normal throws down as the jumps were so huge, Normally you would see Aidan putting down flips and 360s but with the jumps being so huge he stuck to the Tucks and X-ups for seeding.

After the Open riders had their 3 runs it was straight on with the Pro riders and although it was only seeding the guy’s were going at the course full bore to try not to be the first to drop in the Final. After the first runs we had to tell the riders to calm down as it was only seeding and Bombs were being dropped everywhere.. GT’s Tom Isted pulled out huge Superflips against Ex/Smuggling Duds Freddy Pulmans insanely high Superman Seat Grabs and dumped 3's.
Banshee/Gusset’s Alex Cahill was like a helicopter spinning his bars wether he was upside down on a flip or facing the wrong way from a 3 whilst Rose Bikes Harry Campbell was busting out Fronty’s and his signature Flip X-Up 1ft Cans. German Rose Bikes rider Gordon Brown had come along as he was in the UK and showed the UK riders the style that comes out of Germany flip tucks and flip bars, out to show the English guys had style to Deitys Matt Scott pulled out the most clicked out of orbit Supermans we have seen so far at DWUK over the 9 years of running.
Saracen Bikes Sam Hodgson came out swinging with Tailwhips and Backfilp 1ft Tables as his riding buddy and Ed Sheran lookalikee Pioneer Rider Zac Rainbow slayed the Barspins and Flip Bars. Muc-Offs Tom Reynolds Backflip Tables were off the hook and so high on the first jump and then finishing it all off with a No Foot Can Tailwhip. All the riders had 3 runs and were put in to seeding order to see how the final would run. It was all to fight for between Tom Reynolds, Alex Cahill and Sam Hodgson to see who would get the 2nd and 3rd place Overall Podium Spot.
So all the scores had been tallied up and the riders were keen to get the finals started to see who would win round 6 and who would then walk away with an Overall Series Winners Medal. With the Open riders up on the start drop we got them in to order and they began to drop in. 5th Place Finlay Davies X-Up to Tyre Grab, Seat Grab, Nac-Nac 4th Place Aidan McMillan Tuck to Bars, Straight air, Tuck No Hander 3rd Place Finlay Evans X-Up to Table, Straight air, Superman 2nd Place Harry Bolton Double Tyre Grab to Tuck, Tyre Grab to X-Up, Double Tyre Grab to Tuck 1st Place Larn Baldwin Tuck to Double X-Up, 1 Handed No Footer, Tuck No Hander
So after the last runs for the Open riders in 2018 it was time to go over to the Pro riders and see who was going to take the win on course and overall. 9th Tom Isted 360 Drop, SuperFlip, Tuck then crashed a Flipwhip on the last resulting in injury. 8th Matt Scott 360 Drop, Backflip NFCan, 360, 3 Table. On two of Matts runs he went full Mumra and had two huge 720 attempts on the first jump. 7th Gordon Brown Straight Drop, Backflip 1ft X-Up, X-Up, Frontflip. 6th Tom Reynolds X-Up Drop, Backflip Table, Tailwhip, Flipwhip. 5th Sam Hodgson Tuck Drop, Flipwhip, Tailwhip, Barrel Roll Table. 4th Zac Rainbow X-Up, FlipTuck, Barspin, Backflip Barspin to X-Up. 3rd Harry Campbell 360 Drop, Backflip 1ft X-Up, 360, Frontflip. 2nd Alex Cahill Barspin Drop, Superflip, 360, Backflip Double Barspin. 1st Freddy Pulman 360 Drop, Flip Double Bars, 360 Tuck, Frontflip Tuck No Hander..

So with the scores for round 6 in and tallied up it was time to see who took the Overall Title in both Open and Pro Class.


1st Place Overall Champion Aidan McMillan

2nd Place Overall Larn Baldwin

3rd Place Overall Finlay Davies



1st Place Overall Champion Freddy Pulman (Ex/Smuggling Duds)

2nd Place Overall Alex Cahill (Banshee/Gusset)

3rd Place Overall Sam Hodgson (Saracen/Animal)

What an awesome display of amazing riding to finish the 2018 Rose Bikes Dirt Wars FMB Series, The level of riding has gone through the roof over the last 9 years. In 2010 when we started out the banger tricks like Flipwhips were being thrown on the last jump now 9 years later their being thrown out on the first jump as set up tricks it really is insane to see how the riding has progressed. Roll on 2019 for the 10th Year Anniversary.


Photos By Hugh Wycherly and Archie Bromfield

Video Filmed By Henry Aggar and Ryan Nangle   Edited By Henry Aggar.

Dirt Wars UK would like to say a massive thank you to all our Sponsors Rose Bikes, Praiseworthy Clothing, Muc-Off, Smuggling Duds, Melon Optics, Gusset Components, Go-Pro Worldwide, Worx Tools, Spear & Jackson, Triple8 NYC and for their support, Thank You to all at Chicksands Bike Park, Radical Bike Park, NASS Festival, Ramps Skatepark, Rocket World and Freddy’s Yard for allowing us to hold DWUK at your amazing venues, Huge Thank you to Dylan Stone (DWUK MC), Adam Willams (Head Judge), Brett Cooke (1st Aid and Ground Crew), Tom Reynolds (Rider Representative) Henry Aggar and Ryan Nangle (Video Edits), Archie Bromfield Hugh Wycherly Matt Aldridge Terry Stagg and Jacob Dear (Photographers)  and all the others who have helped out over this season.


We will be back for 2019 for our 10th Year Anniversary but we will also be organising a few little events this winter so keep your eyes peeled on our insta, FB and website for more news of this.


See you all in 2019