Round 1 2024 Series Chicksands Bike Park

Words: Cliff B

Photos: James Wyatt


After the wettest start to the year possible we were really lucky to get the sunshine beating down on us for Round 1 of the DMR Dirt Wars British National MTB Freestyle Series at Chicksands Bike Park near Shefford, Bedfordshire.


The Turn out for the start of the series is always awesome at Chicksands as the riders know with the soft landing on the last they can really throw it down and reopen their trick bags after a winter of riding skate parks, indoor facility's and air bags.


As always the Open/Am Riders took to the course first for the quallie runs to knock the 20 riders down to 12.

Once all 20 riders had took their 3 runs the scores were as follows.

1st Vinney Quinell                                               101 Points

2nd Ollie Galviz                                                     93

3rd Charlie Mason                                                 89

4th Sean Coates                                                    86

5th George Keen                                                   86

6th Will Allen                                                          85

7th Malachai Epapara                                           85

8th Seb Palmer                                                     81

9th Zach Shilton                                                    81

10th Archie Nadin                                                 72

11th Elijah Beavis                                                 72

12th Archa Willhurst                                             72


13th Stanley Crowe                                              67

14th Harley Pearson                                             67

15th Xavier Przeorek                                            65

16th Harry Henery                                                65

17th Jude Quinell                                                  61

18th Charlie Layton Smith                                    49

19th Archie Clipsham                                            45

20th Sam Gooderson                                            22

With the 20 riders dropped down to 12 it was time to line up the Pro/Elite riders and get their seeding order all set up. with a few of the UK's Top FMB riders in the house it was pretty certain it was going to go off.
. So with Open/AM Quallies out the way along with Pro/Elite seeding it was over to the finals. Open/AM Results 1st Vinney Quinell 100 2nd Ollie Galviz 83 3rd George Keen 82 4th Will Allen 81 5th Sean Coates 81 6th Malachai Epapara 79 7th Charlie Mason 79 8th Zach Shilton 77 9th Elijah Beavis 71 10th Archa Willhurst 68 11th Archie Nadin 64 12th Sebastian Palmer 62 Well Done guys the riding was insane.. Double Backflip attempt from Charlie Mason WTF !!!!!!
Pro/Elite 1st Jake Attkinson 112 2nd Josh Crosswell 105 3rd Fin Davies 103 4th Wig L Booth 100 5th Harry Gascoyne 95 6th Charlie Bowman 90 7th Oli Milsom 88 8th Charlie Hart 70 9th Patrick Coates 66 10th Zac Rainbow 61
Its good to see Jake still at the events after his recent success on the Crankworx world tour gaining himself Wildcards to Crankworx Rotarua and Cairns. Good Luck in Aus mate we will be watching and cheering you on.
Well Done to all the riders who competed at round 1. The level is again being pushed to a crazy level. The next Round on the 26th of May has now been moved to Sandbay Trails in Weston Super Mare. we will be starting at 10am for sign in till 11am. Massive thanks to all our Sponsors, Chicksands Bike Park, All our Crew and the guy's who helped us pack down. See you on the 26th.