Round 1 of the 2105 DMR Dirtwars FMB Bronze British National Series.

Leading up to round 1 there was a certain risk that we may have to postpone as the rain was forecast to come down hard all day Sunday and wet trails don’t make for a good comp.  In true Dirt Wars style we had the jumps tarped leading up to the event and took the risk that all would be ok.

Sunday morning the rain came down so we decided to hold the comp off till the afternoon as the weather looked a lot better for the P.M and boy did we make the right decision.


Although the sun was nowhere to be seen the wind helped dry off what moister there was on the trails after removing the tarps and Round 1 was good to go.

Both Open and Pro riders took to the jumps and started smashing out all kinds of weird shapes in the air. After half an hour of all riders on course and the music pumping out of the Monster Energy monster truck we were set to get the Open riders off on their qualifying runs.

The attendance of riders was pretty good with 17 in Open and 13 in Pro this was set to go off big time.

After a session of tailswhips, flips, tucks, 360’s the 17 Open riders were cut down to 10 with Jack Ambler, Harry Campbell, Darren Estall, Tristan Bushnell, Jack Cardy, Dan Wagstaff, Ben Nolan, Marcus Gilhooley, Warren Towler and Kerry Pert going through to the final.

Next up the Pro riders had 15 mins of practice before going into their qualifying runs. You could see all the riders were real pumped and ready to open their trick bags to ensure they got their spot in the final. The 13 riders were being cut down to 8 so it was all to play for. You could see the guys who rode Holdshott quite often against the ones who didn’t as the riders who rode there already knew the lines and seemed a lot more confident than the ones who didn’t (im sure this will be the same at most trail spot rounds). After the 15 mins practice the riders were lined up in order at the start tower then proceeded to drop in for their qualies. Afetr the riders had had 3 runs each the scores were tallied and 4 of the top 8 had all come out on the same score. The 13 were cut to 8 and Matt Jones, Ryan Nangle, Tom Cardy, Ray Samson, Alfie Stevens, Tom Reynolds, Matt Scott and Freddy Pullman had all made the final…
After a little break, some course maintainace and the awesome Barbeque that the Mandry Family always put on for us we were ready to get the show on the road and get the finals underway. First up was the open final and these boys really are setting the level of open riding on maximum, Half of these guys could quite easily hold their own in the Pro Class.
Kerry pert looked super smooth pulling T-bogs over the hip then popping huge flips on the last but I don’t think they were quite as styled as Jack Cardys 3’s on the last jump as they were text book and so clean. Dan wagstaff was like a helicopter Tailwhipping and getting full extensions on his tucks but the show was shut down by Jack Ambler, Harry Campbell and Darren Estall as their amplitude,style and tricks were well above the rest. Both Ben Nolan and Tristan Bushnell have both done well at holdshott in the past but both have been off the bike for a while and didn’t manage to bang out their trickbags like normal. The winning runs went as follows 1st Jack Ambler 2nd Harry Campbell 3rd Darren Estall Top 10 went as follows 1st Jack Ambler 2nd Harry Campbell 3rd Darren Estall 4th Tristan Bushnell 5th Jack Cardy 6th Dan Wagstaff 7th Ben Nolan 8th Marcus Gilhooley 9th Warren Towler 10th Kerry Pert Well done to all the Open riders as they have really stepped up their game this year and put on an awesome show.
Once the Open Class was done and dusted we went over to the Pro final to see the big guns unleash their trademark moves. Afetr 15 mins of practice the riders took to the start tower and first to drop in was Alfie Stevens and you could see that the level of riding in the Pro class was going to be awesome
First place unarguabley went to Holdshott local and trails crew member Ryan Nangle. His top scoring run started with a 360 drop into a tailwhip over the 1st hip. Dumped 360 table on the 2nd to flipwhip on the 3rd and finishing with a 360 downside tailwhip. Second place went to another past Dirtwars series champ, Ray Samson. Clinical execution, consistancy and trick vairety are some of Ray's strengths. His run started by table-ing the drop into a backflip on the 1st hip. Tuck no hander flip the 2nd, big super seatgrab on the 3rd and a flipwhip to finsish. Matt Jones taking 3rd with a score just behind Ray. Like Ryan 360ing the drop and whipping the hip, Matt's run continued with Dumped 360, to 3whip and a tuck 360 to finish.Pro Overall 1st Ryan Nangle 2nd Ray Samson 3rd Matt Jones 4th Tom Reynolds 5th Matt Scott 6th Freddy Pullman 7th Alfie Stevens 8th Tom Cardy 9th Jordan English 10th Scott Merrell 11th Daniel Stewart 12th Andy Crawford 13th Joe Simkins Other highlights form the day included, Matt Scott's 450 truckdriver on the 1st hip and big nothing can on the last. Freddy Pulman's banger link up of double truck then flip barspin mid sets. Big flip tables and fronties from Tom Ren. The travelling scotsman, Daniel Stuart with his signature style disco can on the 1st hip. A Massive thank you to all who attended, Riders, Spectators and Dirt Wars Crew. Massive thank you to Dmr Bikes, S4P Crew and Monster Energy for helping out on the day. And obviously a Massive Thank you to all the series sponsors.. Thanks to our photographers (action shots Chris Greenwood Podium Shots Tom Bowell) Thats round 1 out the way, On to round 2 @Porc on the 21st June 2015. See You There All details of round 2 can be found on our website