Round 2 SandBay Trails

Below you'll find the Open/AM Qualifing results and Write up link.


Round 2 Write Up   Words and Photo's by James Wyatt 









Open/Am Seeding Results


1st  Vinney Quinell

2nd  Luke Mallett

3rd  Mason Mallett

4th  Oli Galviz

5th  George Keen

6th  Sean Coates

7th  Malachi Epapara

8th  Will Allen

9th  Charlie Mason

10th  Stanley Crowe

11th  Dylan Edge


Pro Seeding Results

1st  Finlay Davies

2nd Josh Crosswell

3rd Charlie Hart

4th Charlie Bowman

5th Rhys P Griffiths

6th Patrick Coates

Open/AM Final Results 1st Mason Mallett 92 Points 2nd Luke Mallett 89 3rd Oli Galviz 87 4th Vinny Quinnell 80 5th Sean Coates 79 6th George Keen 78 7th Malachi Epapara 75 8th Will Allen 71 9th Dylan Edge 66 10th Charlie Mason 64 11th Stanley Crowe 58
Pro/Elite Results 1st Josh Crosswell 99 Points 2nd Fin Davies 95 3rd Charlie Bowman 92 4th Charlie Hart 85 5th Patrick Coates 75
A massive Thank you to Sandbay Trail Crew for allowing us to host such an amazing event at the trails, Thanks to our sponsors for their support (ESP James Wyatt DMR Bikes) And a massive thanks to all our riders and spectators. See you at OldHill on the 23rd June.