Round 3 Freddy's Yard Video Edit and Results


We kicked off Round 3 at Freddy's Yard in East Devon on what has become the toughest and most scary course for most of the riders. Starting off with a huge drop into a massive first jump its enough to put the frights up our most experienced riders let alone riders competing for the first time.


We like to use Freddys as it breaks up the season a little and gives the Pro Riders a bit of a challenge.


With 7 riders in the Open Class it was low numbers but the riding didn't disappoint, Check out the Edit to see what went down....


1st   Jack Dera

2nd Harrie Scholten

3rd Hamish Hakes

4th Luke Mallet

5th Charlie Heart

6th Mason Mallet

7th George Keen 

The Pro numbers were also low at Freddy's with rider's contracted for show's and others still off injured it was left to 7 of the UK's top boy's to smash it out. Unfortunatly Kelly's Bikes Wig Booth took a stack and blew his knee out in practice and Sam Berry took a spill and shook his head a little as did Charlie Bowman which left them unable to ride in the final.


So it was down to the top 4 to slug it out for the overall places..


1st Jake Atkinson  (Poc)

2nd Freddy Pullman  Canyon Bikes/ Spitfire Speed Shop

3rd Tom Isted     Cardertech/Abus

4th Finley Davies    Comencial Bikes/Madison


Well Done to all who rode, Like I said this is the hardest course on the circuit but the guy's still threw it down big time...



Round 4 will see us back at Radical Bikes on the 31st of July as Rocket World 2.0 has not happened so we will be heading back to Radical.


See you there...