Round 4 Results - Full report in the next few days...

Yesterday saw Round 4 of the Spank Industries Dirt Wars take place at Corby's Adrenaline Alley.  With beautiful sunny weather everyone was keen to make it a great event and do their best to get as many series points as they could.  Understandably this led to some amazing riding in both of the categories!

Pro Results
1st - Danny Pace (Identiti/Ison)
2nd - Marcel Hunt (Dartmoor UK)
3rd - Daryl Brown (Identiti/Ison)
Open Results
1st - Wig Lewington Booth
2nd - Freddy Pulman
3rd - Daniel Stewart Best Whip Winner - Matt Jones (Identiti/Ison)
Dirt Wars Best Trick Winner - Matt Jones (Identiti/Ison)