DMR Dirt Wars Radical Bike Park 19th July CLOSED EVENT NO SPECTATORS


This information is for the riders who have entered this coming Saturdays Dirt Wars BMX Dirt Series 2020.

Please be aware NO SPECTATORS, This is a CLOSED EVENT.


OK so if your arriving Saturday the 18th please DO NOT arrive before 7pm as the gates will be locked until then.

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DMR Dirt Wars Round 1 2020 Series Radical Bike Park is GO!!!


OK so the green light has been given for closed events as from the 4th of July.

This will mean that we can hold an event with riders only and NO spectators.


We will be holding Round 1 of the DMR Bikes Dirt Wars 2020 Dirt Series on the 19th of July at Radical Bike Park in Essex.

All MTB events will again be part of The FMB World Tour...

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