DMR Dirt Wars Round 3 2020 Series Radical Bike Park Photo's, Results and Video Edit


It's not only Covid19 that's out to get us in 2020 as now it seems the elements are against us for the rest of the year.

It was no different last weekend when we attended Radical Bike Park in Chelmsford, Essex as the winds were off the hook blowing at 33mph with gusts up to 48mph. The morning of the competition we stood on the roll in with Pro Rider Cameron Crozier and could hardly hear ourselves talking to each other as the winds were howling across the fields. 

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DMR Dirt Wars Round 3 Radical Bike Park This Coming Sunday CLOSED EVENT...


We will be kicking off Round 3 of this years MTB Series at Radical bike Park this coming Sunday (27th of September).


This again will be a CLOSED EVENT with NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED ON SITE...  There will be a live feed in the afternoon from around 3pm. For info on the live feed then check out @DirtWarsUK on both FB and Insta.....

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DMR Dirt Wars Round 2 2020 Series Wisley Trails LiveFeed Replay, Results and Photo's


With Covid Guide Lines still in place we kicked off Round 2 of the 2020 DMR Dirt Wars Series at Wisley Trails in Surrey. It's been 6 years since we held a round of the series at the Legendagry Wisley trails and a lot had changed since we were last there.

The old Jam/Comp line has gone and the Main line has been made massive, We had to split the AM/Novice riders onto different course's as the Main line is way to big for the AM/Novice so we choose to hold it on the smaller line at the top of the trails...

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