DMR Dirt Wars Round 1 2021 Chicksand Bike Park

After a massive break due to Covid 19 (Thats the only time it will be mentioned today) it was awesome to be back at the events and ready to see the lads throw down hard what they had been working on throughout the lock down months of the winter and early year.

We normally start the series off in April but with all the madness thats been going on we have had no choice but to hold off until everything was deemed safe to do so.


We kicked off the 2021 series at one of the best and longest standing bike parks in the UK  Good Ole Chicksands, for any of you that have never been there it's set in a woodland at Shefford in Bedfordshire and hosts some amazing riding.

The Park caters for all levels of riding wit Dual and 4x Tracks, DH Tracks, Dirt Jumps and plenty of flow trails throughout the park. This place is deffo worth a day out to visit and ride.

So with everyone signed in and ready to ride the guy's wasted no time unleashing their trick bags and throwing down huge bangers straight away, It was like they were all foaming at the mouth to show the other guy's what they would be up against and what they would have to put together to even get a chance of getting anywhere near the podium.


The Open Riders were up first and with a new bunch of riders on the judge sheets it was interesting to see what was going to go down and who would win the seeding round.

There seems to be a whole new bunch of tiny riders getting into the comp scene at present with the youngest in the Open/AM being only 10 (George Keen) and the youngest in Pro/Elite being 12 (Fin Davies, yeah thats right 12years old in Pro/Elite) it's great to see the sport being progressed by the real young riders. Dont Worry Kolby you've not got long to go mate. then on the flipside of it we also had our oldest competetor yet as Ex DWUK Organiser Rob Newman joined the fold to compete against the young Guns...

With the Open/AM Class at the right level this year the guy's were batteling it out with Tucks, Can's, Tyre Grabs and the ocasional Tailwhip or 360 thrown in which is back to the level that it should be at it was difficult to put the guy's into a seeding order ready for the final.

With All 3 Runs done and dusted seeding for the final was as follows 

1. Andy Lehman

2. Harry Gascoyne

3. Jake Warfield

4. Dan Capes

5. George Keens

6. Aidan McMillan

7. Connor Wallbank

8. Hamish Hakes

9. Rob Newman

10. Thomas Brown 

11. Harrie Scholten


With the Open/AM Class out the way it was over to the Big Guns and boy were they all on Automatic.. There was tricks firing off left right and centre along with a few big slams too. We had a surprise entry from 3 times World Scooter Champion Jordan Clark on his Identiti transferring his scooter trick knowledge over to a MTB. It was meant to be a qualifying round with 4 riders being dropped for the final but all were riding so well and going all out that we decided to use it as a seeding round for the final and put all riders through as we wanted to see them put their all in to make an amazing final and our decision deffo did not disappoint. After 3 whips, Backflip tucks, Flip Whips, Pendulum to nothing's, Dumped 3's, Double Trucks, Double Tailwhips were thrown down the seeding positions were as follows....
1. Jordan Clark Identiti Bikes 2. Fin Evans PraiseWorthy Clothing 3. Fin Davies Commencal 4. Danny Stewart Kona Bikes 5. Robert Beard Ice Bikes 6. Cam Crozier Radio Bikes 7. Harry Campbell Dirt Wars UK 8. Zac Rainbow NS Bikes 9. Jake Atkinson Freeride UK 10. Wig L Booth Privateer 11. Larn Baldwin Emtrex Garms 12. Sam Berry Freeride UK
Open Riders were then back on course to put themselves into the overall podium positions with all the riders throwing down there best runs the overall scores were as follows.. 1. Andy Lehman 106 Points 2. Harry Gascoyne 99 3. Aidan McMillan 90 4. Jake Warfield 88 5. George Keen 83 6. Harrie Scholten 76 7. Rob Newman 75 8. Hamish Hakes 73 9. Dan Capes 73 10. Thomas Brown 70 A massive well done to all the riders who took part, you all rode off the hook and we can't wait to see you at the next round.... The video edit for this round will be out on Monday the 7th of June.. Had a few technical issues
Back to the Pro Elite and all guns firing... From Superman nothings from Robert beard to 720's on the last from Jordan Clark these guy's really were pulling out tricks that were insane... With all the top riders taking 3 runs each and their best run counting for their overall score the leaderboard went as follows. 1. Jordan Clark Identiti Bikes 112 Points out of a possible 120 2. Fin Evans PraiseWorthy Clothing 104 3. Cam Crozier Radio Bikes 103 4. Jake Atkinson Freeride UK 99 5. Fin Davies Commencal Bikes 98 6. Danny Stewart Kona Bikes 92 7. Robert Beard Ice Bikes 91 8. Wig L Booth Privateer 90 9. Zac Rainbow NS Bikes 86 10. Harry Campbell DWUK 78 11. Sam Berry Freeride UK 71 12. Larn Baldwin Emtrex Garms 70 Again well done to all the riders, The level of riding has gone through the roof already in the first round we cant wait to see what happens by the time we get to round 4.
We will be at Radical Bike Park on the 13th of June for round 2 of the series. We will also be Opening the Worx/DMR Slopestyle Course to the General Public this coming Sunday 6th June 10am to 6pm at Redhill Extreme in Gloucester.....

Photo Credit: Jo Harvey and Matty Hurn