Round 2 Oldhill Bike Park Cornwall Video Edit, Report and Photos


Photos    James Wyatt  DMR

Video Edit     Sam Davies Media

Words       Cliff Barbeary Dirt Wars UK

A while back Dirt Wars Front man Cliff traveled down to Cornwall to meet up with Jonny and Vicki at Oldhill Bike Park just outside of Wadebridge. After a chat was had it was decided that Dirt Wars would come back to Cornwall and a new course would be built at Oldhill. We have used a venue in Cornwall before but the wind was so bad it put us off hosting another round in the county.

Fast forward a few months and Jasper Flashman, Harry Campbell and Dirt wars Cliff Barbeary (mostly Jasper) came up with a masterpiece ready for round 2.


On the 11th of June we took over the new jump line at Oldhill Bike Park for round 2 of the series, The sun was out and the riders lined up on the both courses ready to see who was going to be going through the qualifying stages to make it through to the final..


with 3 Runs each in the bag the Qualifiers looked as follows.


1st    Will Griffin        

2nd   Jake Morley

3rd    Charlie Hart

4th     Ryan Beard

5th     Jowan Whitehouse

6th     Will Allen

7th     Sean Coates

8th     Zach Shilton 

9th     Tom Wood

10th   George Keen


11th    Vinnie Penna

12th    Oliver Galviz

13th    Harry Henry

14th    Nath Meadows

15th    Mason Mallet 


With The Open Riders out the way it was on to the big guns with 16 riders dropping to top 10.


1st         Jake Atkinson                         Freeride UK

2nd        Jordan Clark                          Privateer

3rd        Freddy Pulman                       Canyon Bikes/Smuggling Duds

4th        Harry Gascoyne                     Calibre Bikes

5th        Robert Beard                          Ice Bikes

6th        Charlie Bowman                     Privateer

7th        Alfie Stephens                        Friction/DMR

8th       Jadon Wilson                          Privateer

9th       Harry Campbell                      Privateer

10th     Achill Sweeny                         Privateer

11th    Fin Davies                               Commencal Bikes/Marzocchi


12th Andy Lehman                             Amity Bikes/DMR

13th Wig L Booth                               Kellys Bikes

14th Oli Milsom                                  Lios Bikes

15th Sam Berry                                 Privateer

16th Harry Bolton                              AluDark Bikes


With 5 being cut from the Open/AM Class in the Qualies it was down to the Top 10 to show what they were holding back for the finals and as always nobody disappointed.. 1st Will Griffin 99pts 2nd Charlie Hart 93 3rd Jake Morley 90 4th Ryan Beard 89 5th Tom Wood 80 6th Jowan Whitehouse 74 7th Will Allen 66 8th Sean Coates 61 9th George Keen 57 10th Zach Shilton 55
With the Open/AM Class done and dusted it was over to the Top Boys to lay it down in the final. 1st Jordan Clark 114 PTS Privateer 2nd Jake Atkinson 104 Freeride UK 3rd Alfie Stephens 102 Friction/DMR 4th Fin Davies 100 Commencal/Marzocchi 5th Freddy Pulman 97 Canyon/Smuggling Duds 6th Harry Gascoyne 91.5 Calibre Bikes 7th Charlie Bowman 91 Privateer/SandBay Crew 8th Jadan Wilson 87 Privateer 9th Achill Sweeny 84 Privateer 10th Harry Campbell 72 Privateer Massive Healing vibes to Robert Beard who made the final but then crashed in Final Practice taking himself out.
A Massive thank you to Oldhill Bike Park, Jasper flashman and Harry Campbell for sorting us such an amazing course, Massive thanks to all the riders for throwing it down and putting on an awesome show for the huge crowd and a massive thanks to the Dirt Wars Crew and all our awesome Sponsors. The next round is on another fresh course at The Dirt Wars Compound on the old Redhill Bike Park site in Gloucester on the 16th of July. See you there.....