Round 3 Results - Full report later in the week...

So the bad weather held off and despite the weatherman's forecast for rain Round 3 of the Spank Industries Dirt Wars series went off with a bang yesterday!!

The level of riding from both Open & Pro categories was unreal, showing how quickly the UK scene is progressing.  The results were as follows:-


1st - Wig Lewington Booth

2nd - Freddy Pulman

3rd - Daniel Stewart

4th - Ben Nolan

5th - Tom Cardy

6th - Jamie Taylor

7th - Sam Hunnisett

8th - Joe Aldridge

9th - Jamie Nelson

10th - Joash Clarkson


1st - Ryan Nangle (Dartmoor UK/Smuggling Duds/Fox)

2nd - Marcel Hunt (Dartmoor UK)

3rd - Danny Pace (Identiti/Ison)

4th - Craig Potter (Owens Cycles)

5th - Daryl Brown (Identiti/Ison)

6th - Tom Reynolds (DMR Bikes/Pedal Heaven/Drift)

7th - Rob Newman (Nookie Bikes/ Bike Shop)

8th - Dave Pearce Martin (Nookie Bikes/Ezo)

9th - Jack Gear (Nookie Bikes/Ezo/Andrei Burton Cyle display-team)  


The ' Best Whip' contest was won this time by DMR's Tom Reynolds with some super sideways moto style actions on the last!

And the DWUK Best Trick title for Round 3 went to Identiti's Daryl Brown for his stretched one-handed Superman seatgrab!  


Check back later in the week for the full write-up, official photos & highlights edit....

Thanks to Matthew Lawrence for the use of these photos. (