Round 3 Freddy's Yard Video Edit and Results



We kicked off Round 3 at Freddy's Yard in East Devon on what has become the toughest and most scary course for most of the riders. Starting off with a huge drop into a massive first jump its enough to put the frights up our most experienced riders let alone riders competing for the first time.


We like to use Freddys as it breaks up the season a little and gives the Pro Riders a bit of a challenge.


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Round 3 Freddy's Yard INFO


Ok so this coming Sunday (10th of July) see's Round 3 of the 2022 Series at Freddy's Yard in Shute East Devon.

Unfortunately this is not a venue that we can camp at so here's a link to all the camping sites in the area for those wishing to camp over on the Saturday night before the event. Camping Link


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DMR Dirt Wars Round 2 Radical Bike Park 2022



With Round 1 in the bag it was on to Round 2 at Radical Bike Park in Chelmsford Essex and as always the turn out was awesome.


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