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DWUK Round 1 2022 Chicksands Bike Park Photo's and Results


Chicksands Bike Park is always the best start to the series with the jumps being the smallest of the series and also the softest for the guy's to ease their trickbags open at the begining of the season.

When I say their the smallest then please don't think their tiny as their not and they can be a challenge to most riders when they first hit them. Set out with small dirt to dirt set up jump then 3 straight jumps with wooden kickers their certainly set for huge tricks...


Round 1 of the series kicked of there on the 29th of May and here's what went down...


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Round 1 At Chicksands Bike Park This Coming Sunday


This coming Sunday at Chicksands Bike Park Nr Shefford in Bedfordshire. 

Signing in Starts 10am ends 11am 

Rider Entry £40 

Spectators FREE


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